1980:Return To Paradise:part 5

Big Dave organized a short fishing trip out into Patong Bay. We all crawled into the small boat, about 12 of us, along with cases of provisions and slowly motored toward the Kalim end of the bay where the big coral reefs were just a short snorkling distance below the sea and no Scuba gear would be necessary.

The reefs were prolific with multi-colored fish and corals. Giant sea fans were many, almost as many as the beautiful yellow tang fish that looked like they were puckered up for a kiss!

It didn’t take long for ALL of the women on board to begin feeling woozy and sick. We motored to the south end of the bay, about 4 clicks from SeaView bungalow and dropped off all the women and Capt Som of the Thai police who’d joined us that day.

Naturally the women took ALL of the food, leaving us only the Mekhong and Singha, but we managed somehow to continue fishing and snorkling around the bay for several quick hours, not noticing that Capt Som had lit a small signal fire and made a bamboo whistle that he used to summon help with his S O S peeps!

We finally came back to their side of the bay and rescued the formerly seasick, the food was all ate up by then,but so was the grog and we all piled back onto shore and finished the day at Thai Garden restaurant, happily reliving the various big moments over and over in our minds, the fish we caught become bigger with each telling!

Nok had cut his had from the fishing hand-line, but it wasnt too bad, the Mekhong he gulped down eased the pain and it really was a BIG fish at that!

Dao cooked it up “thai style” and we all enjoyed the meal, another successful day in Paradise…

Capt Som taught us a few Thai folk songs and the day was complete,,,

too be continued…

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