Upon a full moon night

I apologize for my absence and inconsistant posting. I have the story about me being related to King Mongkut in stock but I can’t quite finish it yet. Not with my eyes weirding out on me most nights. (And yes please do excuse my spelling. I can’t say that I’m seeing things clearly at the moment.)

Lots and lots are going on over here, folks.

Namely, AIDS Walk Los Angeles this Sunday where I lead a team for the first time! Namely, chronic dry eyes that limit my computer use. Namely, a busy work season–meetings after meetings, big event next Monday, and an absent coworker I have to fill in for. Namely, 2 online courses with one group project. Namely, a VERY busy college (American) football season. My alma mater, the 2-time National Champion USC Trojans, are chasing after a three-peat (and playing our nemesis Notre Dame this Saturday).

But I just want to drop a line real quick about next month.

Full moon in November falls on the 16th this year. That’s when Songkran is taking place. So far, the festival of lights and floating luminarias is the Borens’ favorite. Brandon and I were in Thailand for this last year and we had a grand time at the Oriental. A little upscale-y but it was quite fun.

The year before that, Brandon and I had our own little Loy Kratong. A handmade, 3-inch diameter paper kratong with a birthday candle was floated off into the Pacific ocean in the Belmont Shores marina. We hoped it didn’t light anyone’s yaught/house on fire…

This year, it’s going to be an interesting Loy Kratong.

It is this day of November full moon night that Oakley has to release the company’s newsletters at Board of Investors meeting. That is also when Oakley’s online class is due.

And that’s when Oakley turns 29. 🙂

So, let me leave you with that for the time being. I just want to let you know I haven’t abandoned you completely…as you may have noticed my lurking about in the comments. But life is taking me for a spin and I can’t fight the flow.

See you back in a week or so…hopefully.

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