The Classic Motor Competition 2005

O1 October 2005, the little town of Betong was overwhelmed with over 200 bikers taking part in the 1st Classic Motor Competition organized by the Classic Motor Club of Betong. Through the event, the organizer hoped to foster closer ties with the community and simultaneously stimulate tourism. The event attracted over 100 participants from Malaysia and each of them looked so excited and full of confidence. The bikers paraded through Betong town to the Hot Spring, which is 14 km away from Betong. Though it was hot and sunny, the opening ceremony still attracted a large audience. As I forgot to bring my cap, I was only worried about my black spots coming out!

Most of the motorcycles taking part were of “scooter’ type. Some of the owners had decorated and revamped their bikes and felt proud to show off their works. When the parade ride started, the whole area was full of smoke and funny sounds “kakaka….”, I was thinking whether the bikes can reach Hot Spring…

The classic motorbikes/Smoky start

Some of the spectators/The Malaysian bikers

I drove and followed the bike troupe to the Hot Spring. Along the way, there were several motorbikes broken down and the bikers looked frustrated. The motorbike troupe attracted a lot of spectators and the children were particularly excited. It was Saturday and there were many people having picnics there and with the addition of over 200 bikers, the Hot Spring was bustled with noise and excitement.

I only stayed in the Hot Spring for half an hour as I had to receive a group of reporters from Malaysia. On my way back, I saw some of the broken down bikes still at the road sides. There are certain things we can change and improve in life. Certain things, no matter how much time and effort we put in, we can never change them against time….

The children after ‘tadika’ school watching interestedly

Participants having lunch at Hot Spring/Party at night

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