Sticky Rice with Bananas

Khao tom mud

The other day, when I was with Steve and Jit, I watched some villagers making a large batch of khao tom mat ( ข้าวต้มมัด ).  This is basically sticky rice, bananas and black beans wrapped in banana leaves. This is then steamed though it could also be grilled. You may remember me talking about khanom thian before which is quite similar. Though that one uses sticky rice flour instead.

Cooked in a steamer

To make khao tom mat you first dissolve some sugar and salt in a pan of coconut milk. You then add the sticky rice and stir slowly over a low heat until the liquid has dissolved. Next you need to tear up some banana leaves into lengths of about 8 inches long. Spread some of the sticky rice mixture in the middle and then place a halved banana on top. Complete the sandwich with another layer of sticky rice and press in a few black beans. Tie up the banana leaves with a long strip of bamboo. You then place it in a steamer, like the one above, and steam for about an hour or so. The results will look like below. Delicious.

Khao tom mat

5 responses to “Sticky Rice with Bananas

  1. My wife has made this many times, the house (the whole house not just the kitchen) smells sugary sweet for nearly a week when she is done!

    I don’t think she has ever made it with the flour though. I don’t care much for the one made with the flour, it seems that it drys out much faster and when it’s dry it seems almost gritty and not a very smooth texture.

  2. Hmmmmm…kao tom madd….

    My Thai food joint, the Treasure Pot, has these once in a while on the weekend. Brandon couldn’t quite get into the Kao Tomm Madd but he likes the mango and sticky rice though.

  3. Richard, you certianly know how to make us home
    sick!!!! Wish we have that around here!!!
    Num Lai Laii!!!
    A picture is surely worth a thousand words.
    Every article of yours meant so much more with
    all of the good pictures that you display along with
    your story, love it!!!!

  4. Hi there – we visited Thailand in January for the first time and FELL IN LOVE. What wonderful people and culture and country. Would go back in a heartbeat. Your site makes me long for Thailand. Can you tell me what type of rice to buy in the USA which would be ‘sticky rice’ … I don’t think I have ever seen it labelled that way?
    Thanks, I will be visiting your site often for a look at my (wishful thinking) retirement country.

  5. Leigh:

    If it’s sticky rice, it will be labeled “glutinous rice” on the bag.