What a day!

Finally, my final exam has ended.. I feel so happy although there’ll be other exams to come but at least, one semester has finished.

As soon as my friends and I finished our exam, we planned to do something right away. Ice-cream at first and karaoke – our decision.

Songs after songs.. three hours passed~ “Whoa, time to go home and give mummy a kiss!” So I went to take the skytrain and caught a bus as usual.

“The bus’ coming!!! Please stop in front of me because I need to sit, am so tired!!” I wished in my mind and guess what?! It really stopped in front of me.

When I stepped on the bus, “Oh my, lots of seats to sit! ~ This’ great!”

There were lots of seats, unlike everyday (I always have to stand up all the way home), too many that I couldn’t decide.. I walked and walked~ passed lots of available seats and at last..there!

I chose to sit next to the middle-aged lady ~ When I sat, “What the?!”

I found sticky corn stick to my butt – -” but despite that corn, the seat was still fine so i kept sitting there..then the lady next to me started..

She took out cotton but. I was surprised coz I never saw anyone have it with themselves everywhere before. She cleaned her ears ~ ~” Then she kept it in her bag again. “Good, you don’t throw it away on the bus!”

Then the lady took of her shoes and put her feet against the seat in front of her – -” “Good that the smell didn’t come out!”

A while later she raised her right arm and started to scratch her armpit so hard – -” “Good that she didn’t plan to get rid of her hair there!”

– – She sat still for a while after that ~ and I looked through the window.. (Since I had nothing to look at except the cute guy on my right). Then she stared back at me! “Well, I never meant to look at you..I just wanted to check out the view!” So I began to stare at the floor instead after that..”Hope she’s fine with it :p”

And then that lady.. tied her hair..so hard that sometimes it hit my face~ so I leant my head out of the seat ..”BANG!!” One guy walked pass me and hit my head – -”

At that time, I really wished I could disappear ~ I waited and waited for some other seats to be free so that I could change ~ I felt like it had gone too far unlucky :p and finally that lady stood up.. it was time for her to get out of the bus ~ I gave her space to come out and “BANG!” her ass hit me – -”

As soon as she got off, I really thought I could see the real rainbow after a big big storm :p .. I was so happy ~ then I zonked out – – –

“Holiday finally arrives … I’ll go shopping, I’ll go for movies.. I’ll ..I’ll”
!!! I woke up and again~! I found myself passing my stop – -” So I gotta catch another bus back home and it was so late.. it was almost 9pm already..

But at last, I could really be at home.. safely

What a day!!

7 responses to “What a day!

  1. Hehe “Good that I didn’t pass my stop then.. oh wait”..

    Hey Bow~! Cute story!.. Are you ever going to sit next to an old lady again?.. 555, don’t worry ur dream of holidays will come soon :p

    You know what? I miss you loads.. I’m looking forward to sitting next to old ladies with you! lol, see you there soon 😉

  2. * P.s. i meant sitting next to you 🙂

  3. Real cute, yes!

    It would be even funnier if the old lady had her own blog and put her version.

    “This young lady sat next to me staring and making a line at my son-in-law and inspite of my extreme measures she just did not seem to budge. Oh! these modern thai girls… what are we going to do!! no where is safe now”….


  4. gald to see u back na ja nong bow!!

  5. OH hey look who’s survived the finals! Welcome back ja. 🙂

    And yeah. I sympathize with getting hit by body parts in public transportation. On a certain day at a certain hour, even Long Beach-LA Blue Line gets crowded. One minute you were dozing off. Then you woke up with someone’s butt–or worse, crotch–in your face. Urrgh…

  6. Yeah, I know it can be a little bit busy on Thai public transport,,, how far is you place from BKK ???

    I used to get the non air conn bus when i wasn’t working,, it certainly brings home how normal poor thai’s live…

    Good Luck with the rest of your studies 🙂