3 & 1/2 weeks

Well I am leaving in, can you guess? 3 and 1/2 weeks!!! I had to have surgery on my sinuses on Sept 9th and I am feeling quite well thank you but due to some meds I had to take before hand I have not been able to begin vaccinations. I am a little concerned, I wanted Typhoid, Hep A, Rabies, and tetanus at least. Most places recommend starting 4-6 weeks but due to mitigating circumstances I couldn’t.
Also getting concerned about visas. I can’t apply for a non-immigrant visa until I have a company to back me and I can’t find a company to back me till I have a work visa, makes sense right? Hopefully they won’t even ask and I will make a visa run when I have to. Still working on this conundrum, will let you know what happens.
SO far got the passport, tickets, booked a hotel for a week while I settle and look for work, have begun collecting amenities like adapters and light clothing, and got a great digital cam and laptop ready to go! Still have a bit to do but at least a few things are getting crossed off the list now.

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