3 & 1/2 weeks

Well I am leaving in, can you guess? 3 and 1/2 weeks!!! I had to have surgery on my sinuses on Sept 9th and I am feeling quite well thank you but due to some meds I had to take before hand I have not been able to begin vaccinations. I am a little concerned, I wanted Typhoid, Hep A, Rabies, and tetanus at least. Most places recommend starting 4-6 weeks but due to mitigating circumstances I couldn’t.
Also getting concerned about visas. I can’t apply for a non-immigrant visa until I have a company to back me and I can’t find a company to back me till I have a work visa, makes sense right? Hopefully they won’t even ask and I will make a visa run when I have to. Still working on this conundrum, will let you know what happens.
SO far got the passport, tickets, booked a hotel for a week while I settle and look for work, have begun collecting amenities like adapters and light clothing, and got a great digital cam and laptop ready to go! Still have a bit to do but at least a few things are getting crossed off the list now.

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  1. hey all that sounds great (ok, except for the operation)! I wish you the best of luck once you’re there, and of course trouble-free remaining 3.5 weeks.
    just a piece of advice on rabies: it’s absolutely enough to have the shots (5 of them at given intervals) once you get bitten. it’s safe. if you have the shots in advance, just to get prepared, even then you still need two shots later on if you happen to get bitten, so it doesn’t save all the trouble.
    (I picked up all this through experience…..)
    good luck and keep a safe distance from those dogs!

  2. Thought about that but I am also planning a trip to Nepal, Tibet, and India and know there are lots of dogs and monkeys around as well. Know anything about the availability there?

  3. wow, how about that for an itinerary 🙂
    no idea about these places though. 🙁

  4. yeah, we want to travel to Malaysia and others for my husbands visa runs. If you have to go out of the country might as well make it a vacation, right? Especially when we will only be there 7 months. (Trial period) When we have access to longer periods of time we want to trek from Kathmandu to Lhasa independently, we also want to see India, China,and Others. A friend of ours is coming to Tokyo in Jaunary and we are going to fly over there to spend a weekend with him.

  5. Unless you intend to start a fight with a pack-a draggled dogs, go for a swim in a Bangkok canal or cook up a dead chicken there is no real need to be so worried about injections.

    The nastiest and most prevalent disease going around Thailand these days is Dengue Fever and there is nowt you can do against that but ‘cover up’. It is now everywhere and not just unique to the islands like it once used to be.

    You need to find a potential employer before you can apply for your Non-imm B visa. Impossible for you to get a work permit then look for a job, emloyers ought to realize that most folks looking for work are only on a tourist visa and its perfectly all right.

    When, on arriving you find a school they’ll hand you a letter of guarantee and you’ll have to run across the border to the Thai Consulate in either Laos or Malaysia to get your Non-Imm B. No probs. With this, with the help of your employer they or you personally can apply to the Min of Labour for a work permit.

    October is an excellent time of the year to come looking for a teaching position as it’s the mid-term vacation and a lotta schools are in the need of finding teachers for the new term starting approx 1 Nov.

    Need any more info on this or that then send me a mail.

  6. Where are you coming to India? Yes, we have some dogs here. If any bark. Stop. Look at them a little bit. Walk away slowly. Do not run, do not stare too much. Carry some food to give. Best idea!! Normally its not a problem!

  7. Hi,

    Quick word of advice – look into getting a non immigrant ‘o’ visa which they offer both for one year, renewable every three months, or for one three month period. They aren’t too hard to get and it’ll give you a little extra time before you need to visit the beautiful border town of Aranyaprathet.