Thais vs. Farangs

It’s been a while since I blogged but if you’re wondering about the title, it’s not about a match or anything. Well, not sports wise anyway, but the Thai way versus the Farang way of living and doing things in my family.

There’s the Thai side (my mom and me) and there’s the Farang side (my dad and brother). Often there happen to be clashes and sides tend to switch a lot.

For example, when it comes to food, my mother needs rice with most of her meals. In fact, she could eat rice with almost anything but without; she doesn’t enjoy eating anything meal-wise on its own. For my dad and brother, while they do like eating Thai food occasionally, they could not solely eat it everyday, they just like other (mostly Western) foods more. In my case, I could eat either, but I find that Asian food is much more interesting and delicious and possibly healthier even but considering that we live in the West, we pretty much tend to eat Western foods. I try and opt for Asian though.

So, Thais = 2, Farangs = 2

When it comes to religion, my mother is Buddhist, like most Thais, and she prays most ever other night and does Tawai Aaharn Phra (ถวายอาหารพระ) which is giving daily food offerings to the Buddha. While, my father is a non-practicing Lutheran (and my brother and me are supposedly also), I’d have to say that I’d consider myself more of a Buddhist believer and I practice like once in a while since I’m still learning about it.

So, Thais = 2, Farangs = 2

When it comes to temple visits, it’s always my mother and I that are keen to make the effort and go. No reason for it, it’s just what we do and like to do. My brother and dad, unfortunately, aren’t as interested unless my mother asks them to come also. Despite them not joining in, I think it isn’t too bad as long as they leave us to do what we want at Thai events.

Thais = 2, Farangs = 2

So, the score is pretty much even 6 -6 considering that those are just some examples of how the Thai ways and Farang ways tend to mix in my family.

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