Fried Quail Eggs

One of my favourite hawker food snacks are the fried quail eggs. You don’t always see them around. When I do I usually go straight for them. It costs about 10 baht for a tray. The vendor sprinkles some soy sauce on top and black pepper. You will notice on the picture below that she uses the same hot plate as for khanom krok.

5 responses to “Fried Quail Eggs

  1. sorry Richard had to ask, i have been reading through the blog archives and read your one about the atkins diet sounds really good but i have heard a few scary stories was wondering do u still stick to it and did going on that diet cause u any discomfort really interested to hear someones opinion who has actually been on the diet if u could let me know my email is thanks

  2. they look really tasty my gf has just brought some home but hasnt cooked them yet i wonder is the taste similar to a chicken egg? keep up the yummy looking blogs rich cheers

  3. Hey, they don’t look bad at all. What DO they taste like.

  4. They taste chicken eggs. Just smaller in size!

  5. It taste just like regular chicken eggs’ but its smaller than the chicken eggs’…’ thats pretty much the different. It taste even better if u put soy sauce and pepper on the top of it… hmm yummy