Feng Shui Colours

When I was at Impact Meung Thong Thani (อิมแพ็ค เมืองทองธาน ), in 2003, I was shocked to see a sea of violet flags….. I was thinking to myself, the Thais must really like the colour purple. But why only purple, I asked myself?

Feng Shui Colours

It was much later that I found out that purple represents Saturday, and since Her Royal Highess Crown Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn was born on Saturday, her Royal Standard is a Chakri Emblem with a violet background. Interestingly, it was at Meung Thong Thani, I got my first glance at Her Royal Higheness —- she was simply majestic…… Today, I still have her poster in my study room.

In Thailand, two more popular Royal Flags are the Yellow Royal Standard of His Majesty King Bhumipol Adulyadej and the Blue Royal Standard of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit.

But what about colours and what do colours represent in Thai/Indian Brhamanic culture?

Today Thais, especially of Chinese descent have a very strong believe for Feng Shui Colours (The Science of the Wind and Water), and each day is attributed to a certain colour as well as an auspicious planet.

Sunday Phra Arthit (Sun God) อาทิตย์ Red แดง
Monday Phra Jan (Moon God) จันทร์ Yellow แกลือง
Tuesday Phra Angkarn (Mars) อังคาร Pink ชมพู
Wednesday Phra Phut (Mercury) พุธ Green เบ๊ยว
Thursday Phra Pareuhat (Jupiter) พฦหัส Orange ส้ม
Friday Phra Suk (Venus) ศุกร์ Sky Blue พ้า
Saturday Phra Sao (Saturn) เสาร์ Violet ม่วง

Well, if you are born on Sunday, your lucky colour is Red. Thus, whenever, you have a special event, such as a new job interview, first date, etc etc, you wear the colour red. Seriously, it need not be a red suit, but a merely small token such a red pen, a red handkerchief, or even a set of red ear-rings.

Colour Feng Shui is now among the newest trend in the West, but it seems the Thais have long discovered how to use colours to enhance one’s luck. Well, if you are on a holiday to Thailand, you would notice how important colours to the Thais are. For example in Phra Tinang Vimarnmek, you would see an abundance of the colour pink. That’s because His Majesty King Rama V Chulalongkorn was born on a Tuesday.

If you note the colour black is missing from the Thai colour palette. For the uninitiated, the colour black represents the ‘middle night’ of Wednesday, when Phra Rahu (The God of Eclipses) edges out his brother Phra Arthit and Phra Jahn to rule the cosmos….. Thus, on Wednesdays it seems, there are always less parties in Krungthep Maha Nakorn.

There are special ways to harness Colour Feng Shui to one’s benefit. However, I reckon, it is best to consult a Thai Brahmin or a Thai Monk on how to best used Feng Shui Colour. Generally, the lucky colour depends on the day and time one person is born. And also the best day to make merit is on one’s day of birth, of if that is not possible, wear your birth colour when making merit!

Nonetheless of all colours, Thais have a penchant for red. There is this popular saying

Ja tuk reuh peang
Whether cheap or expensive

ao deng wai gon
Take anything red first

PS Acharn Richard wrote a similar posting earlier, I hope I have not ‘infringed’ on his earlier writings

5 responses to “Feng Shui Colours

  1. could it be that this preference for red comes from the Chinese-Thai? for the Chinese, red is the ultimate lucky colour, as it is seen at Chinese New Year and at weddings, because red scares away the evil spirits.

  2. Relieved to see you have finally come back.

    The last time we heard from you was when you informed us all that you were popping into Bangkok at the end of last month for a couple of hours. Thought you had been kidnapped buy a couple of taxi drivers or even worse a gang of surly ladyboys.

    Anyway, insightful blog glad to see ya back.

  3. Surly ladyboys. That’s an imagery I really don’t need in my head, Steve. LOL.

    When I was a kid, the nanny would get my brothers and I into our jammies in the color according to the day. I don’t know why we did that though. I guess it’s just more fun for us. I used to question my nanny why we didn’t wear purple to bed on Friday since we’d be running around in our jammies most of the morning on Saturday. It made more sense…no? Hehee.

    On Sunday, though, under my oldest brother’s rule, we wore red because it wasn’t Sunday but Liverpool Day. Little soccer nuts we were growing up.

  4. Wadee wadee

    Perhaps, my next mail would be on amy 14-hour stay in Bangkok… It was such a rush. My flight was at 3.05, and I checked in at 2.35pm…. I nearly missed my flight back to KL. Thank God for the Premier Lanes at Bangkok Airport.

    Betti – That’s true. Red is always very Chinese in characther.

    Steve – NO, there were no surly katoeys, but I was caught in the infamous bkk traffic jam, once in the morning from Thonburi to Bkk and from Bkk to Airport.

    Oakmonster – That’s a very nice story … hey, i saw you wrote something about me on ur blog… I guess, I am no longer ‘confused’ anymore…… problem solved!

  5. This is my first time visitting your site about Thailand as I am abroad.It is very interesting information I can get about my country oversea.Very pround to be Thai and very excited to know we have so much to offer to the world and very happy to read about Thailand.