The Rise and Fall of the Bangkok Post

Last week, for the first time in nearly twenty years, I went to the newsstand and bought a single English paper…it was the Nation….the first time I have ever left the Bangkok Post unpurchased on the newsstand.

I was deeply disappointed in 1992 when the Post left parts of its pages blank rather than upset the government of the day during the Suchinda government crisis. But I managed to put this shameful episode behind me and continued to read the Post until now.

But I can no longer attribute any credibility to a newspaper managed by journalists who cave in to pressure from major shareholders. Firing the news editor after 20 years experience because of one mistake was management overkill and totally unwarranted.

I realize the Chirativat family are terrified the SRT will not renew their lease on Central Ladprao (their most profitable store) due to their abuse of the existing lease by building a convention centre in contravention of their lease agreement.

It is a sad day, however, when the government of the day can pressure this family into firing two of the Post’s most qualified journalists simply by threatening their other business interests.

Perhaps its time the family sold their shares in the Post since the ongoing pressure, hassle and general poor publicity, is probably not worth the effort of keeping this investment.

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