Due to ‘Techincal difficulties’….

Today’s blog will be delayed for a day. Those said difficulties namely because Wit here, while dining out at a new Thai restaurant last night, took on more prik kii noo in Pad Gra Pao than he could handle. Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

I spent most of today in bed feeling sick instead of going out to get the scoop on my next blog. Tune in tomorrow for my latest on Thailand in the movies entitled Strange Love!!

See you there…


…now where’s my bottle of Pepto…. 

4 responses to “Due to ‘Techincal difficulties’….

  1. Brandon is suffering the same fate today, Wit. And his wasn’t even that spicy yesterday! Must be a bad pad kraproa weekend.

    And on the Pepto, try the cherry flavored one. At least it tasted a little better if it had to come back out. A voice of experience here. 😉

    Hai rew rew na ka! (Get well soon!)

  2. Ooh sorry to hear that… that prik kee noo is powerful stuff. I guess this serves as a useful warning to other prik kee noo eaters, LOL.

    Get well soon na ka, Khun Wit.

  3. Yes, this time was no where near as bad but it reminds me of another bad episode I had with Thai food.

    I was having an early dinner last summer with a friend at a pan asian outdoor eatery (which I won’t name) here in DC. I ate a Thai beef salad and had a Singha beer for the first time which is unusual for me since I don’t drink.

    Anyway we met up with other friends afterwards and went back to my friends house to hang out but I started to feel more and more ill. By the time we got to the house I knew I was about to be sick and I bolted for the bathroom where I threw up the dinner I had just ate.

    Unfortunately it didn’t end there so I had to spend the night at my friends house because every twenty to thirty minutes I had to make another mad dash to the bathroom and throw up. This went on ALL NIGHT LONG. I swear everything I ate for the last three days came back up that night and I had dry heaves so bad my ribs were bruised for days.

    My friend drove me home the next morning and I spent all day in bed wishing death would hurry up and finish me off. I thought it was maybe the beer but I never got that sick before when drinking so it had to have been bad beef in the salad.

    Needless to say I have never ate there again. Last night was a walk in the park by comparison I think I just did too much prik and then had coffee the next morning which is usually a bad combination for me. 😉

    But anyway I’m all better now and the fire in my gut is put out. I will post my latest tonight and without any more graphic desciptions of being sick I swear!


  4. LOL! It happens to everyone one time or the other. You will be back!