The Temporary Bazaar

The Temporary Bazaar
(Written 31 August 2005, National Day of Malaysia)

Due to the “isolated” location of Betong and thus higher cost of transportation, goods sold in Betong are generally more expensive (and limited variety too) than other places in the Southern provinces, Hat Yai or even Bangkok. For example, items like garments, furniture, computer wares etc.

As there is no proper shopping centre in this town, occasionally, the district office will set up temporary bazaar in Betong town which lasts from one to two weeks, with hawkers coming from various parts of the nation. The bazaar normally gets going from around 10:00am and continues until 9:00pm at night.

Currently there is an “OTOP Expo”bazaar started on 25 August and will end on 2 September. As usual, the range of products includes household accessories, handicrafts, clothes, tapes and CDs, furniture, foods, games etc. Most of the prices are fixed and no bargaining is expected.

The Bazaar

Though the bazaar are almost the same each time , regardless of whatever theme they have, they still draw reasonable crowds as there are no better places to go, especially after sunset. However, today the crowd is obviously less…because a bomb was discovered in front of a gas store adjoining the petrol station this morning…

Some of the boothes

The Popular food-grasshoppers, cicada and …?!

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