6 Days!

Ye-haa! 6 more days before I’m on the plane to Thailand! Yip-ee! In 7 days I’ll actually be able to gaze into the eyes of my loved one and hold her close to me as I whisper sweet nothings into her ear in my “southern drawl” limited Thai. Which will prompt one of the two usual responses, uncontrolled laughter or two hands firmly and resolutely placed over the offending orifice.
This is pretty meager blog material, I swear I have a couple on Word I’ve been working on at my blazing two finger frenzied pace, the Monks as well as my fan are amazed that they can type in English faster than me!
Things are hopping now! I believe my last couple of blogs were complaining about my government’s slowness in the visa process and now in the past month they’ve achieved an admirable rate of frenzy in world wide document transferals. My fan and I had been planning to go to Cambodia to see Angkor Wat , a long standing dream of mine, but as she received her documents from the Embassy yesterday we probably will attend to as much of that business as possible. The blind leading the blind! Jeez, poor me, I may have to turn right around in another 3 months and fly back to Thailand if all the paper work and interview go smoothly!
Anyway I’m going to try and post some of this trip in a timely fashion as opposed to events that are from my last two trips. Beware though, they are saved on Word and there is a danger, however slight, that I’ll get them posted. Perhaps I’ll run into Khun Kitjar at the airport as he’ll be leaving shortly after I arrive.

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