Bangkok: Here I Come!

It is amazing how sometimes wishes do come true!

It was only last week that I was praying to make a return trip to Bangkok aka Krungthep Maha Nakorn. Well, I got into office this morning, and I was surprised to be assigned for an appointment / meeting next week in Bangkok.

However, this is not going to be a holiday in Bangkok, but one of those lightning fast trips — I would be arriving in Bangkok at about 22.30 on Wed, Sep 7, 2005, and I have to fly back to KL on 1500 Thur, Sep 7, 2005.

Geez, that leaves me with less than 14 hours to be in Bangkok. Minus all the meeting of people, the checking-in at the airport and all the nitty-gritty, I have less than 1 1/2 hour for my own leisure!!!!!!

Hey, how come my office overseas assignments are becoming like perpetual wait periods at the airports? Perhaps if I do not sleep at my room at Royal Orchid Sheraton, I would be able to see a little bit of Bangkok after dark?

Any Bangkokians bloggers wanna meet up for a late night supper? Or perhaps, a few Bangkokians to show me what’s Bangkok between 0000 and 0700??

11 responses to “Bangkok: Here I Come!

  1. Can you not take a Friday off and then you have the Saturday and Sunday in Bangkok? Maybe you have to shift hotels to reduce personal costs.

    Imagine 4 nights of 0000 to 0700hrs. Enough to last another 20 blogs!!

  2. That doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. That just sounds hectic to me, but either way you’ll have fun. The second you land in Thailand is my favorite part, because you get all excited and this huge smile comes on your face that you cannot get rid of. 🙂

  3. Well at least that’s enough time to enjoy some delicious food!

  4. YEY! Kitjar! Good for you! If I was in town, I would totally come have dinner with ya. 🙂 In the meantime, we’ll have to save that for when you visit Los Angeles.

  5. Wadeekrab,

    Trangam – I wished I could take Friday off, but if I did, I would have lots of work to clear in my office. I even have to be at work on Wednesday for a meeting in the morning. Maybe, I need a new less tiring job!

    Ruttapong – It is super hectic, but I guess, I would have to make full use of it!

    Kino – I doubt that, I saw that I would be having only breakfast at the hotel, both my lunch and dinner would be in-flight meals.

    Oakley – Geez, I was supposed to be in SF next month for a conference, but then, I declined, another colleague is going.
    Too busy with work and studies. If it was SF, i would definitely take leave and stay on with my cousin. Hey, I have not even been to the States! Can I count on you when i’m in LA?

  6. Ok, Kitjar from Sept 3, 2005 to Sept 3, 2008, that’s
    3 yrs. You mean you going to spend 3 yrs. in Thailand?

  7. Way outta order, that’s far to shorta time to stay in the City of Noodle Soup & Nose Jobs.

    It is advised that on arrival in Bangkok you call yer boss up and tell him that some vagabound taxi driver has stolen yer passport and all yer cash.

    Thus, when yer boss thinks your off on yer embassy and bank business for a couple of days you are instead ‘out on the razz’.

    Quite simply, call yer boss up on Monday and say “Great news, all me stuff has been returned out of the blue and i’ll be flying back to KL on the next possible flight!”

  8. Kitjar,
    Thursday is 8 Sept. You must be overjoyed to get the date mixed up. So no time for Pantip Plaza to shop for my Thai keyboard sticker? Sigh!
    Perhaps you should take the advice of Kru Steve who must have learnt a lot of excuses from the students. Happy Malaysia National Day today, Chaiyo.

  9. Hey, Kitjar. I’ll be arriving at BKK at 11:05 on Thursday Sept 8 on EVA Airlines. I’ll look for the red eyed, disheveled man with the ear to ear grin! 🙂 I’ll be the blond, blue eyed guy with the same grin.
    If you ever are going make it to The City (San Francisco) let me know. We’ll do it up and I’ll take you to the wine country.

  10. Watdee,

    Burengnong – Typo Error

    Stevesuphan – I wish life is so easy. I have like tons of work to complete at work! I can’t even find time to finish my studies!

    KhunChin – I do have one hour to shop at Riverside Shopping Centre, perhaps, they might have an obscure computer shop.

    Bassai – Not this time around, I would be having the benefit of late-check due to travelling business class. Anyway, I am taking up your offer for Ca, maybe early next year?

  11. Kitjar:
    A lot of pilots visit with me. Mostly to rid themselves of addictions …. whether it be to rid themselves of cigarette addiction or alcohol …. They tell me … Bangkok is one of the preferred layovers many pilots and airline workers bid for ……..

    For me as many of you reading this …. it’s a 22 hour flight more or less .. and it takes me a while to adjust …. but it’s kind of amazing to listen to airline employees talk and how they can time-compress the most enjoyable experiences in the shortest time.

    It’s even amazing to hear how some of them … in a two week period … have had the opportunity to circumnavigate the globe … and when they finish their job at the end of the day … unlike us weary travelers who head to the familiarities of home … they exit their pressurized sky cubicles and explore the wonders and nightlife of other cultures and cuisines. Just a thought for all of us glaring in the wee hours of the morning at the feint glow of our computer screens.