Tattos and Lychee fruit

Let me just say that totally by accident I found out that a restaurant (that I LOVE) has Lychee fruit. Granted, they aren’t fresh I think they are canned but that was my very first taste of things to come in Thailand. They taste like a cross between a tart orange (or if you’ve had it, and ugli fruit) and a coconut. It was so good! It looked like a little white olive but was sweet and tart at the same time. I am a big fruit eater and now I CAN”T WAIT to try all the fruits I see pictures of – rambutans, fresh lychee, jackfruit, and yes I might even try a durian. My ears even perked up a little when I saw a blog pic (I can’t remember who’s sorry) of a dragon fruit. I wanted to lick my computer screen, it made me so hungry. That and the fact that tom yam gung is only my favoritest soup EVER! I am raring to go eat some street vendor food!

Do I really need to say how much I am chomping at the bit to shop the Chatuchak Market?

In other news- I made a comment in an earlier post (yesterday) about a tattoo and was surpised by the amount of attention it got. I didn’t think anyone would comment on it. I guess that’s because I underestimate constantly the amount of affection many have for their ink. I was greatly disappointed to learn that as a woman there was really no way for me to get a sacred tattoo as monks would not be able to touch me in anyway BUT that doesn’t mean I can’t still get one. Once I get it I will post a pic of it too!

I want to go to one of Jimmy Wong’s studios but as of yet I am not sure which one. I am certainly going to try and go to the tattoo festival in Bangkok if I can find out when and where it is. I just hope I am there for it. Until then…

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  1. I misspelled tattoo in my title – sorry! so excited I forgot to spell check

  2. Travel si! Tatto no!

    I know a few expat pals that get a tatoo for every country they visit…

    This one guy, looks like the old family station wagon with ALL the bumper stickers on it…

    Kinda loses that “cool” feeling rather fast…

    but…have, you’re only young once…

  3. that is: but…have fun, you’re only young once…btw, they do have services that remove tattoos later in life…

  4. Lychee is one of my favorite fruits too. Have had great memories when I was kid searching for wild lychees in the hills.

  5. I used to go to the wooded field by my old house with my dad and pick buckets of blackberries that grew wild around my house. I would eat as many as I would put in my bucket but still managed enough for balckberry cobbler later (which is still my most favorite dessert) That is my american equivilent.

  6. I’m with superman and thumbs down on tattoo’s myself. Even though my two tat’s are small and still have some revalance to me after 26 years I have to admitt that the visible one looks more like a blotch of blue than the once defiant Cat of my younger days. Still fits in with my personality, but it now looks older than me!!!!

  7. I thought about getting a tat in Thai once but I don’t think it’s a good idea, even a spiritual tattoo like the monks will put on you. It’s not that I don’t like the idea of Thai tattos anymore really but has more to do with the fact that I am a farang.

    I’ve gone out with asian friends before to clubs here in DC that specifically cater to those who are potato (farang) and who like rice (asian). One time the subject came up about farangs that have tats in an Asian language, usually something in Chinese that means ‘power’ or ‘good luck’ or even something as crass as ‘fertility’.

    The overwhelming comments that I remember from my asian friends were all how stupid the whole idea is. For one the farang with the asian tat has no real idea what it actually says usually and sometimes it can be an insulting joke to the one wearing often as the price for his ignorance. The other comment was the idea of a farang wearing an asian tat in the first place like that is supposed to mean something significant about him (or her). I learned to most asians it really just comes off as mocking like some farang actually THINKS he’s asian or something, in short you wind up looking like a dumbass either way.

    That may be just the Chinese view on it and Thais may think about farangs with Thai tats differently. I still like Thai tats esp in the beautiful’ older Thai writing style but I think I’ll pass. Being a Thai lover is too important to me to risk being looked at as yet another farang dumbass.

    Besides a t-shirt in Thai is much better, at least you can take it off whenever you get bored with it 😉


  8. tom Yam Gung, remember to try the differrent type. You could see the differrence in its color and taste. I think it depends where they orignate, north or south….

  9. I never thought about the asian tattoos like that Wit. Hm, definately something to seriously consider. May have to pass on the Monk tattoo but I still want to go to the festival (if I can) and I know I am at least getting a tattoo from one of Jimmy wongs studios but it’s a tat of my design. I am taking a design that I like and modifying it for me. I will post a pic of the rough draft in blogs to come.

  10. You are WRONG, lilred510 about not being able to get a sacred tatoo when you’re a woman.

    Tatoos (sacred ones) are not made ONLY by monks but also by holy men.

    Angelena Jolie got one (but I think it came from Cambodia).

    Anyway, you can get one, trust me. 😎

  11. Angelina’s tattoo was done in Thailand by Sompong Kanphai, a Thai tattoo artist. The ones on her shoulder is in Khmer script to ward off bad luck. The other one she got from Sompong is a tiger on her lower back.

  12. I assumed you wanted a tattoo in Thailand from a Thai person – as in a Thai original design and not actual Thai script on your body.

    My friends have told me the same thing Wit’s friends told him. So my advice is to not get a written tattoo, but anything else will be taken well.

  13. Kino, actually, unlike the Chinese, etc, which do use characters that stand for something (ex: power, wisdon, etc), the Thais don’t do that.

    There are two main types of Thai tattoo, one is just anything you want and the other is the sacred tatoo.

    The sacred tattoo are more symbol-like. Here’s a sample pic. Note that it can be much smaller and in other shapes.


    This kind of tattoo are done by monks or holy men and are believe to protect, give luck to that person, etc.

    Here’s another link of Miss Jolie.


  14. Good point Samsingha

  15. Is there such thing as “Thai sacred tattoo”? Since when do the Thai ever have anything magical tattoo or yantras? Listens folks and listens again and again, the Thai, Laos, Part of Burma and the Khmer were used to be one big family under the rule of Khmer Empire. The fact is that the Thai aggressively making/marketing everything as Thai by adding the “Thai” in front of everything from South East Asia as THEIR is quite DISTURBING and SHAME. In fact the Thai language and literacy were evolved from the Khmer, such as magical tattoo done by Khmer script to be affective because the Khmer language and literacy was developing from Pali and Sankskrit. If you change the Pali script, it WILL NOT WORK, thank to the Khmer creation, otherwise, everything in South East Asian cultural are THAI. If you need to understand the whole region, just take a lot at the ANGKOR WAT, Khmer Ruins, all over Thailand and Laos and Cambodia, you will understand what I am talking about. Until then, let promote peace and prosperity among our self, for we used to be ONE big family.

  16. Interesting comment above. Will it in fact “work” in Pali? Seems the beliefs at work in that post are a bit of the primitive/pre-science type.

    Certainly a country which has dominated part of a geographic area will adapt some of the cultural traits of countries it has taken over. Bit natural isn’t it?

  17. Steve Suphan

    As for the above comment.

    Did Thai language evolve from Khmer? If it does, then that’s new news to me.
    The Thai language has it’s origins in the ‘Tai’ family of languages which is probably linked to
    ‘Sino-Tibetan’ .
    If you are talking about the Thai alphabet, then ‘yes’ it has its origins in Khmer.
    Then again, it is argued that written Khmer evolved from ancient Southern Indian languages. So, you could argue therefore that with ‘Oooooh…. Sacred voodoo tatooes’ – ‘Khmer’ wouldn’t be effective too!
    In fact, if you want to delve into the origins of language you could go round and round in circles and never get to the bottom.

    Both Khmer and Thai have borrowed a lot of vocabulary from Chinese, English, French and of course Pali and Sanskrit. It is unfair and incorrect therefore, to say that they developed from Pali and Sanskrit.

    The Thais could also argue that the area was once all part of a BIG happy Thai family! and not the Khmer empire. It all depends on what selected historical readings one wishes to undertake.

    But if we are to continue bickering about such things, then the area will never be one prosperous peaceful region.

  18. Origin

    “The Khmer alphabet is descended from the Brahmi script of ancient India by way of the Pallava script, which was used in southern India and South East Asia during the 5th and 6th Centuries AD. The oldest dated inscription in Khmer, found at Angkor Borei in Takev Province south of Phnom Penh, dates from 611 AD. “

    “The Khmer alphabet closely resembles the Thai and Lao alphabets, which were developed from it.”

    Khmer (Cambodian), a member of the Mon-Khmer group of Austro-Asiatic languages, spoken by about 8 million people in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, China, France and the USA. Khmer shares many features and much vocabulary with Thai as a result of centuries of two-way borrowing. There are also borrowings from Sanskrit, Pali, French and Chinese in Khmer.

  19. the dragon fruit was originally from mexico long time ago, included corns, that was found in thier incients site…


  20. Siem Reap" Cambodia"

    I like the tartoo ! but hte mordern tartoo. I think many people at Thailand in Bangkok prefer tartoo, I wonder some thai people have the sacred tartoo similar to the Khmer, i remember one elder”thai” friend of mind have the tartoo before his chest ! I was a young man i asked him why you have these tartoo he said ” it’s the Khom letters” and why the thai call khmer Khom ? I bleieve that many khmer soldier had the sacred tartoo because they believe it will be protect them from the bullets when they are at risk in the war, i saw the pictures collected by the Holland or American journalsits about the Sanskrit tartoo on the khmer soldier skin and some of the Vietnam spy trying to infiltrated the khmer soldier trying to have the same tartoo, but they are pretender!! And why the belive of thaise similar to ancient khmer the cults and religion ? ans why the Siam” Siem” or thai immigrants without have their own cults and religion from China ????

  21. Angkor Era

    The Lechee friut are from Changmai Thailand, I’ve been to Doi Sutep”Thailand”It’s nice city, I think there are the ethnic living there but different from our country at Mondol Kiri& Ratankiri “Cambodia”.I have lil tartoo in my skin, i want to make big one at Bangkok. For the ancient tartoo Khmer and Thaise had the same cults coz it’s their identity, But for the race don’t have any idea coz m from khmer blood, at somewhere. I like may culture but i think Thaise Chinese Laos or khmer don’t bost to much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Does anyone know how to find/make an appointment with sompong kanphai in bangkok?

  23. Himmapean Pradhes

    Hello everybody ! I am Khemer people
    I like some tartoo, but i don’t believe
    That tartoo can protect people from the
    Bulet, As you’ve seen Tai people or
    Cambodian people are not originated from
    India. But maybe Khemin peole are race
    originate from Idia with the language and culture, Can you proof that all Thai
    People are only one race ? In Cambodia,
    Burma too, they all Sino, Sino Thai.
    there are lot of khmer race in Thailand.
    I guess is not wrong Cambodian itself
    don’t like call itself Khmer.Sino people
    are allianate to the politic even in the genocide era in Cambodia.

  24. I too have been searching for tattoo master Sompong Kanphai. Am planning a trip to Bangkok, but have yet to receive any helpful information regarding how to find/contact him. Any assistance that can be offered would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much.


  25. Does anyone know what language the tattoo Angelina Jolie has? I am referring to the words surrounding the tiger. What does it say? What are those symbols and their meanings?