Silly Fun Corner – Thai Stage Name

Spurred on by the news about the bizarre name the Asoke sect have taken, like this guy who changed his legal name to Tai-Nae (Dead for sure) Mungmajon (determined to be poor), I thought perhaps we can do a little bit of fun activity today.

You know how many celebrity don’t use their birth name but a stage name?

Over here in the US, there’s a little game about how you create your…um…adult movie star name. The name of your first pet becomes your stage first name, and the street you grow up on becomes your last name. For example: My first pet was a dog named Bob. My street is Soi Langsuan. So I applied a little twist, and voila. Hello. My stage name is Bobbi Lang.

So now, we’re going to play this game THAI-BLOGS style. We’ll find you a Thai stage name!

First name: Start with the word “Som”. Then add the last syllable of your last name.

Note: Common Thai names, like John Smith here, is Somchai. There are many many names that started with “som”, which means befitting, well suited, or sometimes also means as you wish. Somchai = befitting a man = manly. So there are a lot of Som’s out there. Somying (womanly). Somsri (full of grace). Somkid (your ideas come true). Somphol (powerful). You get the idea.

Last name: Name of the first hotel you checked into in Thailand OR the street of your first Thai residency. *New addition* If you haven’t gone to Thailand yet, pick one Thai word or name of a place in Thailand that strike your fancy.

Finally, for even more fun. Add your dream entertainment career as well.

So here is how you will “introduce” yourself.

Sawasdee ka/krup.
My name is [Thai-Blogs stage name]. I am a [dream entertainment career]. (My other stage name is [US stage name].)

For example:
Sawasdee ka!
My name is Somren Langsuan. I am a rockstar. (My other stage name is Bobbi Lang.)

Give it a go, people! 🙂

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