I have my ticket!

For those of you that have been following my (recently infrequent) blog. I have my ticket to Bangkok in my hand right this second (yes it is harder to type with a plane ticket in your hand) I haven’t been able to let it out of my sight since I got it. (Is it wrong to fondle a paper ticket?)
I am extremely excited and still working on my Thai, I am a little more than a little intimidated by the tonal languages. Wish me luck! Will keep you posted!

12 responses to “I have my ticket!

  1. Have a great time in Thailand bro!!

  2. Congratulations! You did not say when you are leaving, but if you have time to order a book from Amazon, I strongly recommend _The Bangkok Survivor’s Handbook: A Guide to Living in Asia’s City of Angels_ by Robert Hein. Easiest to go to Amazon and do a search on Robert Hein or Bangkok Handbook. Amazon has some funny character in place of the mark, so you can’t find it searching on “survivor”. I actually wrote a review of this book that is on Amazon because I thought it was so good. I think it will answer a lot of your questions, as well as a lot that you need to be asking, but haven’t yet thought of!

    Good luck!


  3. Congrats lilred!

    Yes I am sitting here green with envy but I know my turn will come eventually. I got a right good laugh at your ‘fondling’ comment. You should refer to SiamJai’s latest blog Forbidden Acts 2: the Thai criminal. You can probably get away with paper fondling a Thai ticket but don’t try that in Laos! lol

    Keep us all posted on the trip most definately na krab


  4. Thank you, both of you!
    First of all – (I’m a girl)
    second – thanks for the recommendations! I have the survivors guide already and have even highlighted a few areas 🙂 I highly recommend it! I also have Lonely Planet guide to Bangkok, The best of Bangkok, Frommers SE Asia and a ton of others! What can I say? I’m a bit of a bookworm.
    I am leaving October 19th and will be there at least till May 16th. I am simply slobbering to get to Chatuchak Market. I am even plotting to get my next tattoo there. I was hoping to get a sacred tattoo but Monks can’t touch women so I am settling for a Jimmy Wong tat. It will be tat #2.

  5. Thanks Wit! I am trying to get all my nefarious farang forbidden acts out of my system here. (I will stop fondling my ticket before I get there but I may move on to much more sinister acts such as fondling all my shopping purchases)

  6. Fondling all of your shopping purchases is accepted world round! Have a great time on your trip! Such a nice long time! Keep us posted while your there.

  7. GOOD! I will (out of respect) steer clear of fondling any buddha images (no matter how much I love them) but I figure anything else is fair game.

  8. Hmm…fondling of your shopping loot. I do that. A lot.

    Have fun in Bangkok, Lilred! JJ market is AWESOME. I too want a traditional tattoo, but must discuss with hubby on where on my flesh. HAHA!

    Currently I have a small G-clef (music clef) on my right ankle and getting a bass clef on my left this year. Regretting that I was such a chicken I got the first one so tiny. LOL.

  9. Hmm my one and one tat I wish had been a sacred one like you see the monks and some Thais with for protection from eveil spirits. Never know if that might help na but anyway they look pretty cool! The one I have now is kinda lame. :6

    I agree with you lilred, once I get to Thailand I don’t think I can contain myself from shopping I just hope I remember enough of my ‘shopping’ Thai…”Lot noi dai mai?” and “Paing mahk!” lol


  10. Welcome to Bangkok the land of smiles..

  11. The way you described your ticket-fondling, it reminds me of Mr. Bean, sitting on an airport. LOL!
    Wish you a great trip and happiness!

  12. I will take a Mr Bean reference right now. Except I dont have that weird chin – lip thing going. I have one tattoo of a gecko on my hip it’s about 4 inches long from tail to nose. I will try to take a pic of it to post. I got it 7 years ago and I still LOVE IT. (I lotion it up special every time I get out of a bath or shower. If you have dry skin on a lizard tattoo it just looks like it’s molting.)
    I want to go to the Tattoo festival in Bangkok while I am there but 1- I can’t find dates for it and 2- i’ve seen how some act when they become ‘possessed by thier tattoo’s and it’s a little scary. I will probably end up going if I am there when it happens.