Bananas in Syrup

This popular Thai dessert is called gluay chuam ( กล้วยเชื่อม ). To be honest, I never really liked bananas back in the UK, but I do like them here in Thailand. In particular, I like the dessert bananas. However, this dish is strictly for the sweet-toothed people among us. The bananas are cooked in a syrup (sugar and water). Then they are topped with coconut cream.

6 responses to “Bananas in Syrup

  1. I’m getting hungry again, Richard. I always tell my mom to make some Thai banana dish cos I just love eating them (^.^)

  2. Yeb, by far this is one of my favorite banana dessert. I like it best when the banana is not too riped. 😎

  3. Richard, don’t tease me!
    I’ve to wait till I come home next time!
    Can’t get it around here!

  4. Oh this is my wife favourite… However its not mine… hahaha

  5. What kind of banana is that? I believe there are a lot of kind of bananas in Thailand. Here in Indonesia, we have so many kinds, even we have a green one which called banana stone because it is hard as stone.

  6. *sigh* wot a late comment but it looks so yummy.. i am tempted to go try make it now so i can eat it :~(