Satellite Photos of Bangkok

This is now where the king has his present day palace (when he isn’t visiting Hua Hin). It is called Chiralada Palace. In the top left hand corner you can see the boating lakes in Dusit Zoo. West of that is the large Anantasamakhom Palace. At the bottom of the picture you should be able to see the Royal Turf Club. The other horse racing venue is at Royal Bangkok Sports Club.

In this photo you can just make out the Giant Swing to the north of Wat Suthat. If you zoom out it is very easy to spot Wat Suthat as it is the only colourful building in a sea of grey. Go back to the first picture to see if you can spot this temple.

This final screenshot shows the massive Lumphini Park. I think we are very fortunate that they planned this large park back in the early days. In the bottom right of the screen you can just see the Night Bazzar. The sky train tracks borders the western side of the park. In the south-western corner is a statue of King Rama VI.

Click on the following link to download Google Earth:

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