Satellite Photos of Bangkok

A few months back I was telling you about the new google web site where you could view satellite photos of my home province of Samut Prakan. At that time there were no photos available of Bangkok. But, google have just done an update. You cannot see it on their online version, but if you download Google Earth you can then explore Bangkok from the comfort of your living room!

This first picture clearly shows Sanam Luang (the brown looking green field). You can see how near to the river it is. At the southern end is the Grand Palace complex. The wide road running across the top is Ratchadamnoen. At the roundabout is the Democracy Monument. Can you see Wat Suthat? (Go to page 2 for a closer look at the temple)

In this next picture I have zoomed in to show the Grand Palace. In the top right is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. In the middle is the actual palace. The southern half of the compound is the “harem” made famous by Anna in the movie The King and I. Only women were allowed here. Even the guards protecting the entrance were women.

There are more pictures on page 2 and also the link to download Google Earth for free!

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