A Roof Above the Head

However modest, a home after all is a home. There is always this sentimental attachment. In so far as a house is independent, it tends to develop its own personality- a tree here, a spirit house there, a few plants of colourful hibiscus. Some of Bangkoks’ houses by the klongs look very photogenic.

But now its a luxury in a big modern metropolis. So we have tall apartments and condominiums.

New Residential Complexes

Two newly constructed housing complexes are presented here, located in Phahonyothin Road. While walking across the road, I found both the buildings radiating happiness.

7 responses to “Homecoming.

  1. “both the buildings radiating happiness.”???? had you been smoking something??

  2. Well that was a waste of time. Thanks for making me even more bored. If the houses by the klongs are photogenic than take some photos and write something a bit more interesting.

  3. even if you don’t like the stuff, why on earth do you need to waste time being rude?

  4. Jashobanta, you are doing what a many sapped artists want to re-discover badly – that tendency to generate imagination from anything. To be able to generate strokes on their canvas with an inner & sponataneous force which sums up their creative process … That ability to go beyond what’s obvious!! That energy is very important… and you are doing that in some way!!!

  5. I agree with Betti, this is a blog, it’s essentially a personal on-line diary. He can write what ever he wants, it’s “his” story and as long as he is not beign rude or offensive, it’s his right to write.

    If you don’t like what he writes, then please just ignore it instead of being rude. Please be nice.

  6. Hahaha, Khun Jim, I don’t know what jashobanta had either !!!

    Sometimes, you go to some place and you feel very depressed. It may be because the building is in a certain location and was build a certain way.

    And sometimes you go to some place and you really feel lid up, alive, full of energy, or peaceful.

    Yeah, may be it’s in my head but that’s does happen. 😎

  7. Can’t say I see the same radiance as you do, maybe you should come to Chiang Mai and see what I see? rustic-looking abodes with homely feel, that sure is happiness for me! although i have to say, buying property
    in thailand
    can be a real out-of-this-world experience!