Helicopter Tour of Bala-hala Forest

22 August 2005, what a fine day! I was really excited when being invited to join the visiting team to the border patrol police field camp in Bala-hala Forest, which was royally registered as a southern rainforest district 2 on Sankalakiree Mountain between Thailand and Malaysia.

A Few years ago when I went to Las Vegas, my friends told me that I must take the Grand Canyon helicopter tour. However, after a tight schedule of meetings, crazy shopping and magnificent shows, I missed the helicopter experience …

But now… haha, I can only say YEAH!!! YEAH!!! YEAH!!!

The helicopter

Now, let me make a little introduction about Balahala forest!!!

Thailand lies at the crossroads of Indochina and Sundaic zoogeographic regions. It has a diversity of flora and fauna, including 10% of the world’s bird fauna, and possibly the largest subpopulations of tigers and elephants in Mainland Southeast Asia. It has over 200 fully staffed national parks, sanctuaries and non-hunting areas covering 17% of the country. Most of the largest and most intact areas lie in remote border areas, that in the past were areas of civil unrest and conflict, and avoided. This is partly why they are still good areas for wildlife now!

Balahala is a majestic forest in Thailand’s deep south. The area is a true rainforest, wet all year round, drained by several large streams that flow from high mountain peaks on the Malaysia border. The nature reserves comprise a wide biological diversity and home to rare wild water and land animals and plants. Tigers , elephants and nine species of hornbill and other animals share the forest with indigenous Sakai tribal people, denizens of the rainforest.

I will share with you my visit at the field camp and my new Sakai friend on our next date!

Pictures taken in the sky…

Bala-Hala Forest

Betong town

The vast area of rubber trees surrounding Betong town(a little blur because photo taken thru’ glass)

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