Bangkok Skyscape.

The Radiant Sky

Over the years the Bangkok skyline is changing for the better. This has been mainly due to imaginative architecture and use of colourful reflective material like glass, acrylic sheet and PVC.

Many of the buildings have blue and green reflective/refractive materials, which reflect the sky. This prevents the buildings from being eyesores. In fact, the structure seamlessly merges with the sky.

Despite being tall, Thai Wah and Thai Farmers Bank HQ have attractive presence in the city skyline.

I have attached the snap of a building under construction (in 2002 August) near the unique Elephant Building. The blue glass reflects the sky and brings forth the life in the up coming high rise.

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  1. I used to work near where your picture is taken. I worked at the SCB Park Plaza in 1996, when it first opened. Here is an interesting story that I heard about the elephant building. When they built the SCB Park Plaza, the owners were very proud of their state of the art office building. Soon after, plans for the elephant building were revealed and the SCB owners were enraged and argued against the elephant building. Apparently, an elephant charging towards their new building would bring bad luck. I guess it has something to do with feng shui? Obviously the elephant building got built so I guess the SCB owners didn’t win their case. I don’t know if this story is true or not, it is just something I remember hearing.

  2. I remember seeing one such building near the chidlom area.. and there is this one night whereby fireworks was displayed on another side. Looking at the reflection in the building was one very nice sights…..

  3. Growing up with an architect for dad, we got educated on the fine points of the architectural marvels in the city. (Well, naturally he’d show off HIS handy works first. i.e. Shangri-La hotel on the river, Standard Bank building by Lumphini Park, and Central Plaza in Lardprao.) I remembered seeing the Robot Building on Sathorn Road for the first time, craning my neck up at the Bangkok Bank building on Silom road when it had just beaten Dusit Thani for tallest building, and of course, the conversation we had on the way from airport when I arrived one year.

    Dad: “See that? That’s the Elephant building. I think you should go over there and sue them. They stole your design.”
    Me: “MY design?”
    Dad: “I still have the drawing in my office. I think you did that either first or second grade.”

    Indeed. I did. LOL.

  4. Just another square block structure, which is designed to produce large floor spaces at minimum cost.
    Now what about modern building’s that have real style, like the Sydney Opera House, Nice to look at but very exspensive to make.
    It is generally known in the industry, that most modern buildings lack any form of style of detail to cut costs, this type of blue building dates back to the 60’s and is made of very light weight construction, to cut costs.

  5. paul_au, look at the lower right corner of the picture. That’s the Elephant building. It actually looks kind of like an Elephant. It’s not as grand as the Opera House but it’s interesting to look at, IMHO.

  6. It is very heartening to know that Oakmonster’s dad designed the central Plaza at Ladprao. It is my most favourite destination for relaxation.

    Central Plaza has a unique openness that is missing from MBK. Gaysorn Plaza is open, yes, but it is lacking in the warmth which Central Plaza, Ladprao offers. With KFC, Starbucks and many other lovely stores, I find it difficult to come out after I enter. There is also an excellent shoe store there called Ragazze.

  7. In reference to the comments made about central ladphro. This is a pretty crappy place to shop. If you compare it to The Mall Bangkapi or Future Park Rangsit you will feel a huge difference when leaving. Central is unorganised and there are more window shoppers there than any other place I have been.
    A comment about the reflective blue glass thing.. Yeah it does look very nice… Long live the blue glass thing…

  8. Yeah, I remember Central Ladprao. It was built about a year or two before I left Thailand. At that time it was the grandest of them all. The largest hotel in Asia was there.

    It’s been a long time and I’ve not visited the place. I mostly go to MBK when I go back there, basically just to walk around and waste time. Hahaha.