Andaman Club & Kawthaung (Myanmar)

Andaman club is about 30 mins ferry ride away but since it is located in Myanmar, we need to leave the Kingdom and pay a levy to enter the Union of Myanmar. The Andaman club hotel rooms were on offer at 1200 bahts with breakfast thrown in.

If you are NOT into gambling, there is nothing much to do in Andaman club. We are virtually prisoners in this “penal island” as we are not even allowed to walk around island outside the hotel complex. The reasons given by the guards were that they are worried about our safety. There are snakes in the island!

Unlike Poipet casinos, the Andaman club is a high stake casino. To enter into the casino which is located one floor above the lobby, the patron needs to exchange at least 10,000 bahts of chips. We opted to play with the machine at lobby level.

Luckily there is a 18-hole golf course in the Club. At my insistance,the concierge drove us in a car to go around the course to see for ourselves if it is worth paying 1500 bahts for green fees. Golf is really not the main business for this CLUB as we can see that the couse is really run down. There were not a single player in the field. We could see some staff maintaining the course. The consolation is that the scenery is really superb.

Hole #3 is really a challenge

The next day we went to Kawthaung (a.k.a. as Victoria Point by the British). The Visa to Andaman club is still valid for the visit. Kawthaung is a small town which depends heavily on trading with Ranong. There aren’t many tourist attactions except for a big Burmese and a Chinese Kwan Yin temple.

Ferry Jetty at Kawthaung

View from Hilltop Burmese Temple

Driving from Ranong back to Phuket, we stopped at one of many waterfalls on the way. Our trip to Phuket/Ranong/Kawthaung ended with the last night in Hotel Royal Paradise (Patong).

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