The List

I want to see Jim Thompson’s house.
I want to drive all night to the beach just to watch the sun rise over the sea.
I want to see Labanoon in concert.
I want to dance, sing along and bounce around with the other kids like I am 16 again.
I want to laugh out loud because I get a joke told in Thai.
I want to speak Thai out of habit more than I speak English.
I want to stand in a Wat that is older than my home country
I want to kneel before the Buddha and touch my forehead to the cool tile floor.
I want to experience a peace and serenity that cannot be expressed in words.
I want to spend a day just browsing at Asia Books.
I want to write my own book of learning Thai with pictures.
I want to make a business out of photography and Thailand.
I want to feel the sweat roll down my back and see who is tougher, the Bangkok heat or me.
I want to be soaking wet and drunk with fun for three days in April.
I want to see a real Muay Thai fight at Lumpini or Ratchadoen Stadium.
I want to go to a county fair and see a REAL, real Muay Thai fight without all the gambling.

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