Make it spicy

My British husband really likes spicy food. When we were dating, we went to Thailand for a holiday and met some of my friends for dinner. He told one of my friends that he wanted to order spicy shrimp salad and my friend said, “You know it is going to be pretty spicy.” He replied, “Oh, I love it spicy.” So my friend, with a smirk on his face, said to the waiter, “He likes it spicy so make it spicy.” When the salad came, it was very spicy, but my husband ate it and enjoyed it. I was eating it too and after 3 bites had tears streaming down my face prompting another friend, sitting at the other end of the table, to shout, “Hey! I know that you have missed us, but there is no need to get over emotional na ja!”

Back in England, there was a Thai restaurant that we used to frequent. There was a time when my husband and I were both suffering from colds and when we are ill, we love to eat tom yum soup. We would order tom yum at this restaurant and ask them to make it spicy. At the end of the meal, as we left the restaurant the manager always asked how it was and my husband always answered, “not spicy enough”. Each time we went, the chef made our tum yum a little spicier and each time, my husband said at the end “not spicy enough”. Finally, one time the waitress went to the kitchen to get our soup and I heard her say, “Are you sure…?” The chef replied “just bring it out to him”. As the waitress walked by the manager, he looked at the tray she was carrying and said “Oi, have a pitcher of water on hand for them!” The waitress brought the soup over and said, “Okay, this time it is spicy for sure”. I looked down at the bowls and the top of the soup was covered with a thick layer of red. I turned around and saw the chef standing, with his arms crossed, at the door of the kitchen watching us. My husband grinned. He loved the soup. When we left, he said, “Perfect!”

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