Thai Dance

At school school today we had a special ceremony to mark the birthday of her Majesty the Queen. Tomorrow is a public holiday so most schools and institutions had their ceremony this morning. The pictures I want to share with you today are some classic examples of Thai dancing.

Notice how graceful and elegant they are. No sudden movements at all. In these three photos, you will probably notice the hands which serve such an important part in Thai dancing. Can you bend your hands back that far? I can’t. A lot of the students can do that, even the boys.

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  1. The dancers are really beauitful and graceful. I love their costumes. I used to try and bend my hand back when I was 14 but my hands aren’t as flexible anymore than if I were a kid were one’s still growing, it’s like practicing gymnastics at a very young age, the same goes for hand-back-bending.

  2. Looking at the technical component of bending the hand back, I can tell by that photo, that the base of the hand at the wrist, is bent back just 47 degrees from the direction of the arm, while the tips of the fingers are bent back a further 47 degrees from the palm of the hand, giving a total incline of 94 degrees from the arm to the tips of the fingers, so another words it is the fingers that are more flexible than the westerners. I personally can bend back my wrist unassisted even further to 75 degrees, but my fingers do not bend back at all from the palm of my hand so my total incline is just 75 degrees.

  3. Hey Richard!

    Great pics of the dancers I definately plan to have a good camera like that when I come to Thailand.


    Thanks for the comment…. now my head hurts from trying to follow along wit the trigonometry there (I told you guys I suck at math!)


  4. I can bend my hands back like in the pictures, my thumbs even can bend back reaching to my wrist

  5. Thai dancers keep their fingers in warm water starting at an early age during dance school… this helps in the flexibility.

  6. It’s very hard to be Thai dancer. i was when i was about 8-9 years. Even though it seems to be hard but fun.

  7. Thai dancers now is develop in Pattaya and bankok bars ?


  9. I am from thailand and love your pics!!!

  10. Wow! It’s very beautiful.