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Bangkok Post, 10th August 2005
Tony Waltham

A group of writers from around the world have come together to write about their favourite Thailand-related subjects at, writes Richard Barrow of Sriwittayapaknam School. The group is quite varied with both Thais and foreigners.

Some of them have regular daily and weekly columns while others blog occasionally as guest writers.

Some of the most popular subjects blogged about include teaching in Thailand, superstitions of Thailand, Thai food, tourist attractions in Thailand, Thai life and culture, and do’s and don’ts when visiting Thailand.

Richard also mentions that he also has about 400 Sriwittayapaknam School students now blogging at, where he says they are writing about a variety of subjects from daily life at home and school.

The main language is Thai though a number of them are also writing in English. The youngest blogger is 10 years of age and Sriwattayapaknam is the first school in Thailand to have a web site where students are regularly writing blogs.

Another innovation is “radio blogs,” also known as podcasting, where some students record a story or a song. Sriwittayapaknam is the first school in Thailand to do regular radio blogs and the main school web site has RSS feeds that you can subscribe to so as to download the latest podcasts onto MP3 players.

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