Do Thai girls EAT?

Hello all! I have recently completed my trip to Thailand, and will be blogging more about it soon…but I would just like to start this blog by addressing an observation upon arriving in Bangkok for a few days…. Do Thai girls Eat???? Everywhere we went, I can’t help but notice that most of the younger ladies in this city are stick thin!!! Every year I visit their getting skinnier and skinnier. What are they eating? What aren’t they eating? There’s food and snacks everywhere! If I lived here for three months I’ll probably gain 300 pounds! I couldn’t walk down the street without buying some kanom/desserts to sample. So many food stalls, restaurants, how can they possibly stay so thin?? Has anyone ever pondered this?

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  1. Hey SiamIam:

    I see ’em eating all the time, but they still remain so skinny (my wife included). I’m with month there and I gain about 7-10 pounds from all the great food (and Chang!). That’s even with daily running. They’re just built different, I guess.

  2. Hmm this is encouraging.

    I’m hoping in Thailand, away from all this junky American food, I can actually LOSE 7-10 pounds! Not that I am fat mind you..just saddled with a little more tummy than I like 😉


  3. I have known my fair share of Thai girls, and part of the reasot of they are able to stay slim by not eating a lot of fast food. Ask any Thai girl what their favorite dish is and 9 times out of 10 they will say “Som Tam” or green papaya salad, a low fat yet tasty dish that you can find anywhere. Also they are satisfied with smaller portions, so no super-sized meals when they do go to Mickey-Dees. I have never met a bulemic Thai girl, but I guess you can say they are all just an itty-bit anorexic.

    They are also blessed with a metabolism that allows them to keep an attractive figure often well into their 40’s, at which time they get chubby and flabby just like all women everywhere.

    I like women with a little bit of meat on their bones, but I am not complaining, so in the words of Tiny Tim, God bless all the hot Thai chicas, every one!!!!

  4. Wit,
    JackJumblies has a point. My wife eats loads of that Som Tum. It’s spicy as hell, so it keeps ya cleaned out. I guess you can say that about a majority of the dishes. It’s also true that they eat a bunch of small portions, or sit at a meal for several hours while they “graze” and talk. Good philosophy for eating. Like the Basques of Spain say..”A little bit..often” 🙂

  5. They have hollow legs!!!

    It’s got to be the diet and heat. My fan, whom I outweigh by a good 80 lbs, seems to be able to eat whenever and as much as I do to no ill effect. I’ve lost 7 to 10 lbs every time I’m there with nothing more vigorous than transporting food to face. Som Tum morning, noon and night!!!

  6. I see a lot of models being stickly thin and it’s kind of an eyesore. True or not, I heard about a lot of girls there reducing their food intake because they want to have a ‘body like Britney from her BOMT days’ some even causing death because they won’t eat. If I went to Thailand I’d probably want to eat many foods that I didn’t have access to before but often the heat makes me lose my appetite so drink a lot of water.

  7. Diet – yes, heat – definitely, sanitary facilities??, age/metabolism rate?? I loose weight every time I visit the LOS for more than 2 weeks. Hot food and lots of meat and veggies always help-Atkins on prik kee neew! The heat will make you lose all you boalted water weight…just don’t eat too salty(nam pla). But I have a lot of problems at first worrying about the public restrooms, especially in the countryside – squat toilets with no tp and a basin of water full of mosquito larve! The tp you expect is in the tissue dispenser on your table that you use for a napkin! Hence, I may not eat as to my heart’s content. My mom went back two October-Novembers ago and she did gain weight…she’s in her early 60’s and she said it rained a lot while she was there in Nakhon Sawan and Khampaeng Phet provinces visiting family.

  8. I wonder why women with flesh like in the Greek or Roman age were thought to be attractive. Why not nowadays? I’d like to go back in time in that age…lol… I sure would be considered seductive.:P Just kidding.

    However, nothing is more important than the beauty inside. That’s the only thing that lasts long in your woman! Choose wisely, live well. hahaha

  9. Welcome back, P’ Alice! Can’t wait to read your stories ka!

    It’s the heat. It’s the well balanced food. It’s the genetics disposition. And, yes, it’s the grazing. Definitely the grazing.

    And while we’re on the topic, here’s a different perspective.

    I felt pressured while I was at home to be skinny. But the need to feed on all the yummy food surpasses all things. And yes, the miracle of Thai women. I’d eat all the time I visited home and gain no weight.

    Most thai girls are built like a chopstick. All around flat. So, being 5 foot tall, 100 lbs., with a butt (that’s where my fat goes to hide) = fat. Yep. I was considered FAT back in Thailand. I can’t find pants that would fit me over there!

    In the US, I’m “tiny”, and have a for an Asian.

    Thai media does feed into it that skinny = pretty thing. You always read in the papers how actresses are like 5′ 4″, weighing in at 95 lbs, and they are so purrrty.

    Sorry. To me, that’s SICK! As someone who also appreciates female form, I’d also prefer meat on women. Heh. Kate Winslet over Calista Flockhart. Definitely. 🙂

  10. becos they eat and work hard

  11. One thing I’ve noticed is that Thai women never eat all of the rice that comes with a restaurant meal. They just take a few spoons of it and leave the rest behind. That adds up to a lot of calories in the end. Maybe one of the reasons they’re so slender.

  12. Its the metabolism, coming from the hard work and attitude of the ancestors…gifted down to their children !!! So, I feel…

  13. I find it difficult to believe that being thin has to do anything with eating habits or the kind of food one chooses to eat. The BMI (body mass index) depends entirely on the genetic dispositon of the person, as do all other physical characteristics. No-one thinks that tall people are tall because they eat carrots, while short ones prefer pumpkins, that’d be silly.

    Not only that, but this notion is also insulting Thailand’s chubby people. If you think that thinThais are like that because they eat little and healthy food, it logically inferes that chubby Thais eat a lot and indiscriminately, basically blaming them for something they have little control over.

    I can eat all kinds of food in large quantities without worrying about calories, because no matter what I eat, I’ll stay thin – very thin. Some of my friends eat little and are choosy, and yet they are taunted as ‘fat’.

    Money-making fads come and go, but regardless of what rubbish the marketing firms try to make us believe in, it’s all in the genes.

  14. >Siamjai
    I truly agree with you that it’s all in the genes. I was just making an observation when my 100% Thai gene and many other Thai genes move away from Thailand, our genes got a little plump. However when i stepped off the plane into Thailand, I observed many young Thai girls to be thin, thin, thin I thought there must of been some sort of fad. I use to be able to eat everything in front of me and stay remarkably thin, however now living in the states where starchy foods prevail my BMI changed. I guess I’ll just have to take some readers advice and eat more spicy som-tum… just a thought 😉

  15. While I can believe that there is a genetic factor in a persons weight, I don’t think it is healthy to give all the blame to this.
    There are huge problems building up in the UK and US because people are getting more and more obese. Telling them that it is not their fault and all the Big Macs have nothing to do with it will not help.
    Like most things in this life there are undoubtedly many factors determining weight in a person, but a healthy diet and an active lifestyle will give you the best chance to achieve your ideal weight, whatever that might be.

  16. I appreciate all of the information..I hope I can find a way to live there

  17. in the genes? half true, i say. your frame is in your genes i.e. your bones can’t get any bigger or smaller but you can get a bigger belly, your arms could look pudgier, you can have rolls on your back or your sides, your thighs could thunder… and you could have an absence of all these things on the same frame. Body shapes can differ, think of the difference between Lucy Liu and Shakira or most girls in Durban – they have big butts (that’s genetic). but anyone can get smaller or bigger, just keep a food diary and see, naturally thin people just don’t focus on food as much. Sometimes they forget they haven’t eaten until they are hit by a vicious hunger pang. no one’s calorie-burning capabilities forbid them from gaining weight unless they throw it up.

  18. Goddamn Thai girls have the best looking legs and feet, and their attitude is to die for. What a body, What an attitude. If only American women have a few of the well shaped legs here and 1/4 the right attitude I would be very much happy.

    Damn, Thailand is unspoiled. Its developing and so will get expensive soon. For now its nice and nice and nice.

    My first few days here and I am drooling
    like a dog over a piece of meat. God save me.

  19. Thai girls definitely do not have the nicest feet. You ever see a Thai girls feet? Well, you need only to hold out your hand and splay your fingers as wide as you can, that’s what most Thai female feet look like.

    The legs indeed, but the feet, not so much.

  20. readersdigest

    Someone asked “Is it the HEAT?” and the answer is: Most likely has a LOT to do with it. It’s been proven, statistically, that US people lose weight in the summer months [outdoors more, running around outside more, doing more activities b/c the weather is nice, etc.] as opposed to the mid-west/northern/eastern states people gaining a bulk of weight as the seasons transition into fall/winter.

    Sure, some might try to argue that it’s the holiday season and there’s a ton more food, but who in America doesn’t feast during the 4th of July and other outdoor bbq’s and summer picnic’s?

    Yep – me, I’m with the heat theory!

  21. Heldupinbangkok

    hhhmmm let me think…huge amounts of processed hamburgers, 500 gram steaks, cheese, icecream, black forrest cake, huge bread rolls, coca-cola, beer etc VERSUS water, slim meat, fruit, vegetables and rice…so why are they slim compared with supersized westerners???

    Yeah right, it’s da heat and definately not the diet!!!

  22. I have studied thai girl’s skin.Their skin is very tight and they have very less muscle.The rest is fat.They will not eat sugary items,eat with friends and talk a a little..thats key to weight less and chew a lot..they will taste one chocolate piece for 8 hours..whereas I finish it in 5 sec..Its their hormone balance..helps to burnout like teenage..but once that is gone..I have seen some thai women become glamourously hot in 2 years..and then become overweight in 3-4 yrs..I have seen some becoming fat and slim..while retainign the same skin tightness..its all in the genes I suppose…sexy gene..something our genetic nerds should extract and put into every girl thats make them super sexcy dolls..for men to have fun..