Top 10 Thai School Lunches

The poll for the best Thai School Lunch has now closed. A total of 646 students between the ages of 10 and 15 voted for their favourite lunch from a list of 20 meals. Here is the list:

Fried Chicken on Rice & Egg Noodle Soup

(1) Fried Chicken on rice – khao mun gai tod (16%)
(2) Egg noodle soup with wonton – ba mee (14%)
(3) Boiled Chicken on rice – khao mun gai (12%)
(4) Lemon Grass Soup with Chicken – tom yum gai (7%)
(5) Macaroni Soup (6%)
(6) Fried Basil and Pork on rice – gra prao moo (5%)
(7) Fried Rice with cocktail sausages – khap pat kai sai grok (4%)
(8) Noodles and Pork in thick gravy – rat naa (4%)
(9) Greeny Curry with pork and bamboo shoots – gang gai sai noh mai(3%)
(10) Red Pork on rice – khao moo daeng (3%)

Lemon Grass Soup & Fried Basil and Pork

School lunch tomorrow is one of my favourites, green curry with bamboo shoots. This came in at number 9 on the list. Surprisingly, one of my other favourites didn’t get onto the Top 10. This is Fried chilli with pork and long-beans which only pulled in 2% of the vote. What about your favourties? Are they in the top 10?

8 responses to “Top 10 Thai School Lunches

  1. Is it that Chicken is more preferred to pork? Or is this the rating for the cook’s recipes!

  2. #1 is my #1 too! Although we didn’t have that back at Mater Dei. The most popular items back then if I remember correctly is the Kanom Jeen Gaeng Gai (Chinese rice noodles with red chicken curry).

  3. Uhm, Richard?

    I’ll have one of everything please but do I have to squeeze my 188 cm 77 kg farang frame into one of those school desks so eat? Just wondering ….

    Rampageous (for Thai food) Wit

  4. Am I right to say that all the 646 students responded are from your school? The results may be different in other school. May be stevesuphan can do one to compare the difference in taste.

  5. Yes, the poll was done at our school. Other schools would have a different menu.

  6. Pad Thai is my favorite meal from when I was in Thailand. Bummer it is not a part of the top ten. Maybe this isn’t served in school lunches.

  7. MY favourite thai meal is beef with chilli and basil on rice. YUM i ate it for breakfast most days when i was in thailand…Not a breakfast food i know….but lovely and after eating a thai salad i could handle all the chilli they could throw at me 🙂

  8. I don’t see “junk food” in the list.
    It’s good to get rid of junk food from school. Kids shouldn’t waste their money on “junk food” but instead on the food mentioned above.
    They look “mouth watering”.