A Gentlemanly Accident.

Bangkok has a large fleet of motorcycles which move efficiently through the traffic in a serpentine manner. These two wheelers are more efficient than the Tuk-tuks which are of course more colourful and fancied.

These motorcycles work as the most efficient taxi service in making you reach your destination much faster. The Japanese consultant, Mr. Tsetsumo Ohno was once mentioning to me that when the Japanese Ambassador was caught in a traffic jam in Sukhumvit Road while commuting from his residence for an important meeting (the sky train had not been commissioned then}; he promptly came out of his car and took the help of a motorcyclist to reach his destination in time. Apart from being a fast mode, the motorcycle also connects with efficiency, the inner residential areas.

Many youngsters also ride these two wheelers as personal means of transport. Once in Chinatown I saw two riders clash with each other. The accident occurred at 90 degrees at a traffic intersection, which was relatively less busy at 3 PM. The accident was mild, but both the riders were thrown on the ground. A helpful traffic cop came and helped them up.

There were no arguments between the riders each blaming the other. The police also did not admonish any one and within five minutes the riders departed in their own motorcycles. Such gentlemanliness is rarely seen in a place of accident.

3 responses to “A Gentlemanly Accident.

  1. At least they didn’t start a brawl. They probably realize it was an accident. It’s lucky neither one was a psycho because there are people who lose it completely needlessly.

  2. In Chiang Mai I was on a bus with some other tourists when we saw a similar accident between a Tuk-Tuk and a Metred Taxi – both drivers acted very calmly. Everybody was impressed at this. In the UK there would probably have been a lot of shouting and possibly a fight.

  3. Paterno Ruaya Jr.

    In Makati and elsewhere in the Philippines, motorcyclists have started taking in passengers. But the drivers are usually arrested for the practice is ilegal. Solo bikers are not supposed to take in passengers. I hope the government would learn from lessons in Bangkok, as you mentioned. When an accident happened here in Manila, it would lead to a fight, sometimes even shooting. Bangkok people are gentlemen and I salute them. I will be going to Bangkok for visit my only sister soon.