The Big Thailand Quiz

When we are not writing blogs, Steve and myself are busy writing questions about Thailand for our sister site at If you think you know everything about Thailand then you should have a go at our quizzes. At present there are five different categories. Try the quizzes as often as you like. Looking at the stats, I can see that people have taken the quizzes over 3,500 times. Once you think you are good enough, then try the Big Thailand Quiz. The person with the highest score at the end of the month will win the book “Essays on Thailand”. A new competition every month!

Incidently, here on, we are celebrating our 1st anniversary this month. As part of this celebration, we are giving away a special Thai watch to one lucky visitor. Click here to find out how you can win.

6 responses to “The Big Thailand Quiz

  1. Hey pretty cool webpage! Just the thing to kick back and relax after work today with some Thai trivia.

    Some categories I did pretty good in and some I got spanked 😉 Looks I will need lots more practice na


  2. Richard- Great fun -really entertaining -love all the quizzes I have been able to do -but I find the “24hr lockout” frustrating -how about reducing it to 12 hrs, if it is within your power?

  3. Yes, it is within my power. I have decided to turn off the time limits on the normal quizzes but kept the 24 hour lock-out on the big quiz which you can win a prize on.

    I want to say again a big thanks to Steve for sending me several hundred questions. At the moment I think we have close on 800 but I am aiming for 1000 questions.

  4. How about making contest questions the next contest? If we are going with a monthly prize or give away how about this –

    Whoever can submit the most number of questions, with the correct answer of course, will win the prize for next month. That will get everyone to put on their thinking caps and maybe you can gather enough good questions to hit the ‘1,000 question’ mark for the trivia game.

    Sound good?


  5. Thanks Richard. Actually, it was through our discussions about devising those questions that i started out here at thai-blogs.

    I’ve been a Quiz Master on quite a few occassions now and included directing the govt schools provincial quizzes under the Min. of Education. So, i already had quite a back up of questions under me belt.

    In fact i’ve even used a lot of your questions from The Big Quiz too and used them as a teaching aid in class with me teaching game ‘Thailand Quiz’. So thanks for that. Been playing these types of games for years now and the kids just love them.

    And in fact The Big Quiz was the first thing that got me interested in the goings on Paknamweb and the first site that i enjoyed here.