Long Live Her Majesty The Queen

Next week marks Queen Sirikit of Thailand’s 73rd birthday. I would like to use this blog as an official platform to offer my sincere congratulations and birthday wishes to Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand (สมเด็็จพระนางเจ้้าสิริกิตต์พระบรมราชินีนาถ Somdech Pra Nang Chao Sirigit Pra Boromma Rachineenat)

Song Phra Charoen Pa Ya Ka
Long Live Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand

Without doubt, Phra Rachanee (Her Majesty)’s birth date on August 12, 1932 marks one of Thailand’s most auspicious dates in her long history. Born of noble rank, Mom Rajawongse (M.R.) Sirikit Kitiyakara first met His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej (พระบาทสมเด็็จพระเจ้ายูู่หัวภูมพลอดุลยเดชมหาราช Prabat Somdech Prajaoyoohua Poomipon Adonyadayt Maharat) at a car manufacturing plant in France in the mid 1940s

Their Majesties meeting were love at first sight, and it marks the beginning of a very successful union between Their Majesties. Surely, Her Majesty’s greatness for the Thai people was noted from an early age. Nai Luang (His Majesty’s) mother, Her Royal Highness The Princess Mother Somdech Ya once described Her Majesty as a cheerful, polite and sometimes, timid personality.

When, Nai Luang (His Majesty) was involved in a road accident in Lausanne, Switzerland, it was Phra Rachinee (Her Majesty) that was the first person to come to Nai Luang (His Majesty) bedside. It was Phra Rachinee (Her Majesty’s) heart of gold that blossomed into the Royal Wedding of April 28, 1950.

Today, after more than 55 years on the Throne of the White Elephant, Phra Rachinee (Her Majesty) is internationally acknowledged for her great beauty, graceful benevolence and dedication to her subjects. It is Her Majesty’s economic projects such as silk weaving, handicraft and various royal-sponsored projects that brought economic prosperity to the 76 provinces of Thailand.

It is Her Majesty’s personal sacrifice in spurning personal comforts and her willingness to share His Majesty’s heavy burdens that have set her path worthy of a national role model. From the deepest of my heart, I salute Your Majesty Phra Rachinee, Pa Ya Ka!

With the on-going violence in Thailand’s southern provinces of Pattani, Narathiwat and Yala, it is Their Majesties great benevolence that bonds together the Thai Buddhists and Thai Muslims together. It is this month also that Phra Rachinee (Her Majesty) would be at her Southern retreat of Thaksin Rachinawet Palace. May Her Majesty brings peace to the Deep South of Thailand. May Southern Thailand return to normalcy and of great economic prosperity.

Although I am neither a Thai citizen nor a Thai resident but I am a Thai Wannabe Lost in Malaysia , I have the highest respects for the Royal Family of Thailand. Their Majesties King Bhumipol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit have done a lot for the well-being of their Thai subjects. It is Their Majesties’ collective karmic virtues that make Thailand into a successful nation today.

Besides Nai Luang and Phra Rachinee, my greatest affinity to the Thai Royal Family is His Late Majesty King Rama V Chulalongkorn (พระบาทสมเด็็จพระจุลจอมเกล้้า เจ้าอยู่หัวมหาราช Prabat Somdech Phra Chulachomklao Chayuhua Maharat). He has been my patron saint for a very long time. Each time, I am in Bangkok, King Rama V’s Shrine at Dusit would be my focal point of pilgrimage.

Today, even in the heart of Bangsar, Phra Chulachomklao and Their Majesties figure prominently in my life. Thank you Your Majesties for your continuous showers of blessings.

Long Live The Chakri Dynasty of Thailand.
Long Live Their Majesties King Bhumipol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit

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  1. Bring me more wine. Caesar is thirsty!

  2. Oh shoot! That reminds me. Gotta put my mother’s day card in the mail…

    Kitjar: A touching entry from a Thai fanatic! Absolute respect for Thai royal family is one of the concept that I’ve found to be a little difficult to explain to Americans. How we could trust and love our King & Queen 100%.

    As for Pra Rachinee: Happy Birthday pe ka. 🙂

  3. Wow, it’s good to read about someone’s broad knowledge on the Thai Royal Family. I knew some but not all the details.

  4. thank so much. I’ve the project to know the infromation of the Queen.

  5. I had been in Bangkok at 12/08/2005, so I watch the big party that was prepard to the queen! It was one of the greatests experiences of my life! I really enjoy the party in fron of the Royal Palace and I learnt a lot with that. Thailand is amazingo