Thai Moods

Occasionally, after a long day slugging it out in the American corporate rat race fending off my hard won share of the cheese, I want to really relax at home and I know just the way to do it..Thai Style!

I suck at math. I know this. Some days working in a bank I just can’t avoid math though. Days like today for example when I have to deal with heavy math calculations and it stresses me out. So once I am home and have showered off the sweat and city grime I really need to unwind and just chill. Not always easy on this side of the planet when a good Thai massage is nowhere to be found unfortunately, but I do have something just as good. Almost.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my favorite Thai music but mostly I talked about my tastes in pop and rock. Another favorite of mine when I am in a mellower mood is Thai ‘Green Music’ or New Age music with a distinctive ‘Thai Flavor’. Two of my favorite artists for this style of music are Chamras Saewataporn, considered one of the greatest composers in Thailand and Tanis Sriglindee, master of the Thai Flute.

Very nice and relaxing to just chill and listen as their music and evocative sounds strip away the walls of my room, the miles and years fade to a simpler time as I imagine in Thailand floating on the Chao Phraya. Enveloped in a time long journeyed into the past.

Sometimes, like now as I write this, I put several CD’s of Chamras and Tanis in my multi-deck stereo, select ‘random play’ and let it all go. The hot summer night outside makes me forget my air conditioned room and the cricket and night sounds I hear on CD sound like they really come from the jungles and forests in Thailand singing to me outside my window.

My favorite thing to do when I really need to relax is to light all the candles in my room and burn some nice incense then I shut everything off, lights, computer, mobile phone, everything except the music and just lie back and float away. Sometimes, like tonight, I’ll set everything up just before I go to bed, turn the volume down just enough so the music whispers in the background. Of course burning the candles all night is risky so I just burn incense instead.

It’s nice to meditate or relax or just think about nothing and let the time slip away. People don’t do that enough they think time is a commodity you can buy and sell like air or rain when it’s free for all you just have to slow down for it. Anyway that’s what I like to do sometimes when I really need relaxing.

It would also, I admit, be quite romantic to share a quiet time like this with someone special but I have yet to try it and see. My last three แฟน (all Thai of course) were ‘serious relationships’ but I never met any of them. Gotta love the Internet 🙁

Maybe someday though, here or more likely in Thailand, I’ll get to try out a ‘Thai Mood for two’ and maybe even a Thai Massage to boot 😉


5 responses to “Thai Moods

  1. Hey Wit! That was real fine description from you. I am sure someone is going to read this soon and begin to take steps to share your ‘Thai state of mind & heart’!!

  2. SWM Thai fanatic seeks STF to share lots and lots of “raccoon”…

    I kid because I love, P’Wit. 😉 Good luck with your quest for that special lady!

  3. Thanks Oakley, Trangam –

    Someone let Richard know I didn’t intend to turn Thai-Blogs into Thai-Personals lol

    It’s interesting that last paragraph is what caught everyones eye. I just added that at the last second since I was in full ‘writing mode’

    Oh, well..we’ll see. Maybe there is someone already in Thailand looking up at the stars at night, wishing and waiting for their ‘Thai Fanatic’ to hurry up and get over his butt over there!

    Till next time,


  4. LOL, I’m sure they are and wondering what’s taking you, huh? Chohk dee na. You will impress them surely.

    Oh and as for meditation, it’s a good thing, and I tried it before but my concentration was short-lived because it was at home of course. I’d like to try it in a remote temple in open nature (with bug spray of coz).

    I like the smell of incense, it kind of has a power to it, don’t you think?

  5. Hey Jen –

    Try the ‘incense scented’ bug spray if you ever meditate in open nature like you wish. It’s not only powerful but multi-purpose’ 😉