Temple Gables on Stamps

(left) Gable of the Scripture Library at Wat Phra Sing Woramahawihan
(right) Gable of the Uposatha Hall at Wat Khao Bandai It

Date of Issue: 4th August 2005
Designs: Illustrates ancient Thai styled gables

These stamps that were released today are the first in Thailand that are shaped like a triangle. Not long ago we had round stamps with pandas on them. I buy these stamps for the students to buy at the Stamp Club meetings. Sometimes we have stamps left over. If you are buying books from us at thaihypermarket.com and would like us to stick any of these stamps on the envelopes, then please let us know when you place your order.

(left) Gable of Phra Prang at Wat Phra Phai Luang
(right) Gable of Prasat Phanom Rung

Gables are a beautiful and distinctive architectural feature, even when viewed from afar. They are the triangular parts on either end of the roofs of important buildings, such as the Phra Ubosot Hall, the study rooms for monks, and royal palaces. A gable can be carved in wood, covered with gold leaf, made from cement, or decorated with glass and glazed pottery according to the structure and design of the roof and building.

Gable at Prasat Phanom Rung, Buriram

The styles of gables differ between each era. The stamps feature four different style: (1) pictures of cashew orchards, (2) pictures of a Garuda tugging at the wavy tail of Piyana, (3) pictures of the Buddha seated under the Bodhi tree surrounded by his disciples with their palms together, and (4) pictures of Phra Narai Banthom Sindhu (see picture above).

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