Is this English or metric or some type of patent pending idea? With just the thought that Thailand one day will be the super emperor of the world where one makes, sets, and changes rules? Or the forefront of some fascinating new concept?

We booked a tour to northern Thailand via interne from USA, paid in full up front including on night in Bangkok before tour departing. As you all know…any airlines from the USA always landed in BKK around 11-12 pm. We know we will be arriving in the last hour of Dec 24… and won’t get to our hotel until 1:00 am and this would be Dec. 25 already. So we told our tour company to book the room on Dec. 25 (ahh…one night in Bangkok!, before the tour departing).

The hotel limo picked and dropped us off at the hotel at around 2:00 am.
Well..guess what!! When we’re trying to check-in, the front desk said our booking is for tomorrow!!
WE SAID: no!..”It is for today!”
FRONT DESK: no!…tomorrow! sir and mam
WE SAID: Let me ask you. What time is it? And what date?
FRONT DESK: 2 am…Dec 25
WE SAID: What date is our booking for… on your paper?
WE SAID: right now is Dec. 25. isn’t it?
WE SAID: Why can’t we check-in then? If this is the day we’d booked?
FRONT DESK: because in Thailand …our new day doesn’t start until 6:00 am!
WE SAID: what system is your time here? English or metric or something else
FRONT DESK: international..I quesssss…
WE SAID: Don’t you know that according to the international rule vol.1, page 1, paragraph 1… states that “ the next calendar day shall be the starting of new day on this earth & always begin at 12:01 am?”
FRONT DESK: Yeh.. but in Thailand is always at 6:00!!!!

Sigh…sigh… and sigh again! We gave up! So what should we do? Right now we’re in Bangkok and it’s dark, very humid, and we’re very fatigued and hungry after 18 hours flight. So we asked for any available room and paid for it right there. We got the room and the next morning we called our tour company and yelled at them over the phone (sorry guys..I know the Thai golden rule “Don’t ask why…Don’t ask too many questions..Just accept things as they are”) At the end our tour company paid half of the first night cost, cause it’s their mistake!)

I always think we’re very darn smart couple. Each trip is always well thought, researched, and planed out carefully so nothing is amiss.
Ahh…But this is Thailand!!

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  1. I think this is a good informational post because I also didn’t realize this. I know that on the radio the Thai national anthem always plays at 6 o’clock but I didn’t think why (I just accepted it). I asked my mom about this too and she says it’s true, the day in Thailand starts at 6am.

    Thanks T for bringing that experience up. I’ll remember that for next time (^_~)

  2. My favorite Internet site for booking hotels is
    Let’s try an US hotel, Marriott. Under other information, you will find that “Earliest Check in Time: 14:00”. So the days actually start at 14:00 and ends at 12:00 Noon the next day. The 2 hours is for the housekeeper to clean up the mess.
    Mai Pen Rai, “put it down” and enjoy.

  3. Khunchin….Thanks
    You’re right after I thought about it. But that was the first time we had our plane landed at around midnight(first time back to Thailand in 1996). I think I just couldn’t think straight after 18 hrs flight about the timeline for hotel business. Silly me!! Anyway our tour company should have warned us about this instead they said it’s ok to check-in early at 2:00am. So we believed them since they did the booking.

  4. Sorry for your experience, but gosh darn it, thats what I love about Thailand. Throw everything you know or expect out the door and hang on to your hat!

  5. I don’t know how many hotels you’ve stay at but I’ve been all over the world and every hotel I’ve been had about the same rules. No EARLY check in. I’ve had a few hotels give me discounts but that was all I got. It’s stikes me as strange how someone who are a “very darn smart couple” did not know this. Oh well, other than the hotel incident, how was your trip?

  6. Should the hotel not book you in accordance with your flight schedule? Most hotels typically prefer flight schedules against just booking dates unless if you have a deviation or are not flying…

  7. well in Australia, you would also have needed to book on the 24th as your day does not start to 2.00pm

  8. If I remember correctly hotels use what they call a ‘book’. The book is a registration of who is in the hotel on a particular day. The book is said to be ‘closed’ at a specific time everyday at which point a new book is started. It’s usually early in the morning but it’s not at midnight.

    A smart couple? I think not.

  9. What a humor and embarrasing people.

    To be fair to Thailand and Thai people, I think
    this one is a bit ridiculous. First of all, I’ve been staying at almost every hotel around the world.
    No hotel on this earth will let you check in at 12.01 am. and not pay for the 24th.
    This guy got to Thailand on Dec 25 around 1 or 2 am. If you booked the room for the 25th that means you are to stay the night of the 25th till the early morning of the 26th till maybe 10 to 12am.
    When you got to the hotel, people that are still sleeping in bed, they are paying for the 24th and have to check out the morning of the 25th before 12 am in general.
    So in order to accommodate you, they have to check out at 12pm. So people like you can move in at 12.01 am on the 25th. There is no hotel on earth will do that. Becuase at that time of the night, most hotel guests are in bed. And most will check out on or before 12pm the next day.

  10. I wonder why you have that problem. No matter system they use, you should ask for check-in/check-out time of each hotel. Otherwise, I just book a hotel 1 night and check in at 1am, Dec, 25 and check out about 1pm, Dec, 26. So, I can stay 2 nights!!!

  11. I doubt what the guy at the front desk said was really what he meant.

    The 6:00am new day is not officially used anymore and I don’t think it’s been used in a long time.

    I think the reason he could not check you in was because it was not check-in time, yet.

    The Thais now only use 6:00am as a new day when they do astrological calculations, etc. Officially, we follow the international standard.