School Lunch Menu

Tom Yum Gai – Lemon Grass Soup with Chicken

Today I am giving you the full menu for our school lunches. This is what the students eat over a four week period. There are actually three different menus: kindergarten, junior school and senior school. As there are some repeats I will just give you the menu for the older students. Not everyone eats the same thing at the same time. There are 1,800 students (and one small kitchen) so not everyone can have a rice based meal at the same time. So, half of the school have rice while the other half have some kind of soup. I will show you the kitchen and rice-cookers later.

Khao Mun Gai Tod – Fried Chicken on Rice

The following is the menu for the senior school:

Fried chicken with rice
Green curry with pork + cucumber with egg
Fried pork and basil on rice + chicken with fried garlic
Egg noodle soup with wonton
Rice porridge with pork
Macaroni soup
Fried rice with egg and mini sausages
Lemon grass soup with chicken + bamboo shoots with egg
Fried chicken basil + Tang-lan soup
Stir fried bamboo + Chinese sausage
Fried pork basil + omelet
Chicken curry with bamboo shoots + stir-fried cabbage
Fried thick noodle in soy source
Fried chilli with pork and long-beans + fried sausage
Noodle soup with steamed pork
Rice porridge with chicken
Orange curry + omelet
Chicken on rice
Noodles in thick gravy
Red pork with rice

I think my favourites out of this are: lemon grass soup (tom yum gai), fried chicken with rice (khao mun gai tod), egg noodle soup with wonton (ba mee nam), green curry with pork (gang kee-o waen moo), chicken curry with bamboo shoots (gang gai sai noh mai) and probably quite a few others. Before I give you the Top 10 School Lunches as voted by the students, what do you think will be their favourite meals?

6 responses to “School Lunch Menu

  1. I’ve never had “stir ‘friend’ bamboo”, LOL. Erm, couldn’t resist.

    Anyway, I’d assume that fried rice with egg and mini sausages may be a favorite. I always liked fried rice a lot as a kid, still do. I know people say ‘lunch’ is their favorite time of day at school, but if I had that kind of lunch at the schools I went to, I would be the first in line, lol.

  2. It looks more like the menu in our local Thai restaurant. In Malaysia, the menu may read like this
    “Plain Fried Rice”, “Plain Fried Noddle”, “Plain Fried Vermicelli”, “Plain Nasi Lemak (coconut milk rice)”. Take it or leave it. If the Malaysian school children have the same menu, may be they will Wai the vendors.
    Thanks Richard for this blog.

  3. When I went to school my mother gave me a packed lunch.
    Does any at that school bring there own lunch.

  4. Wow, these are much, much better than what I had when I was growing up. The school I went to had no selections to choose from. The food were also terrible. The Pad-Thai was so bad that it made me hate eating Pad-Thai for a very long time (until I grew up and found better Pad-Thai)

    I had school lunch from 1st to 4th grade. When 5th grade came, I decided to bring my own lunch which led some other friends to do the same.

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  6. I’m looking for school lunch ideas – for lunches I can pack at home for our student to take with her to school. Any help appreciated very much.