The Mango Tree

The Mango Tree

Ramindra Road in Bangkok is wide, beautiful and long. On both sides it is dotted with lovely bungalows and apartments. There is also a major branch of Central Plaza. While walking around, I took this snap of a mango tree from atop an overbridge. The tree is standing heavy with fruit and there is a lovely house near by. This is a rare sight in the busy part of a metropolis.

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  1. I thin i just read in the new guidelines to post once or two times a week. You post two blogs already today and i dont understand what you try to write.

  2. @ jashobanta

    I took off your first blog as you seem to have a problem with the picture. As the previous person said, can you please try not to post more than one blog per day.

  3. Are there monkeys in this area, stealing mangoes?