Gang Gari – Yellow Curry

You may remember me sharing you pictures last week of the Massaman Curry that I ate for lunch. I bought this at Seri Center where I quite often go at the weekend. This week I bought gang gari gai otherwise known as Chicken Yellow Curry.You might be interested to note that “gari” is actually a Tamil word which gave us the English word “curry”. Like before, I ordered this meal with a roti. A few readers pointed out that I should really call it a “Parantha” as roti is a single layer and is cooked without oil. That might be true, but Thai people still call it “roti”!

The main ingredients include: coconut milk, potatoes, onion, palm sugar, fish sauce and deep-fried shallots. You could also add cherry tomatoes which I quite like to do in my curries. The meat here can either be chicken or beef. The ingredients for the yellow curry paste include: red spur chilies, roasted shallots, roasted garlic, galangal, ginger, lemon grass, coriander seeds, roasted cumin, curry powder, salt and shrimp paste. This curry has a sidedish of cucumber relish which I told you about last time.

4 responses to “Gang Gari – Yellow Curry

  1. Yup, whatever we call it…you made me very very hungry now!! (and i thought I am going to sleep after a short snack)

  2. Parantha?
    I think it is Paratha.

  3. Its call roti prata in S’pore. A very common local dish in S’pore. 🙂 The roti comes in many flavours nowadays. Plain is the most common, next is with eggs mixed into the roti,… also, some add onions… and we also have mutabak which is similar to “roti” but with egg and chicken, beef or sandine added in between…. it goes best with curry or just plain sugar…. yum yum.. aroy mak! 🙂

  4. Roti is common meal all over the world, in Mexico it is called Tortilla made from corn or wheat. I like the one wrapped on the stew meat with hot sauce salsa called burrito.