National Thai Language Day…whuh?

Did anyone know that yesterday was “National Thai Language Day”?

Has speaking Thai become ‘uncool’?
by Veenarat Laohapakakul

Do you realise that yesterday, July 29, was another important occasion for Thailand? It was “National Thai Language Day”. It might seem amusing to some that Thailand marks such a day on its calendar, but it does provide us with a stark reminder to reflect on how we are using the language. In a world where English has become the lingua franca, a growing number of Thais, especially Bangkokians, don’t really seem to care if they speak or write Thai properly, and even more alarmingly, they don’t seem to appreciate the ability to do so anymore.

Shhh. I’m actually in my computer class right now so I won’t be writing a lot of comment just yet. I just want to post a link so everyone can read it.

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