Me and my Translation class!!

Related to my previous blogs, I found a great great links about the poet I presented to everyone here. Since I take translation class this semester, I usually browse the website called which is a community for Thai translator
I found a fantastic link of the collection of Thai literature that had been translated to english or even world literature that had been translated to Thai .
Here is some sample of the poems from the same collection with the one from my last blog.

You will defitnitely see through Thai culture by these wonderful poets…so it a must for you to read!!!!!

There’s hope for beloved
So long as men are
In respect
Of old precepts,far
Into the soul,in effect,
of immortal siam.

Born men are we all
and one,
Brown,black by the sun
Knowledge can be won
Only a heart differs
from man to man.

So little yet so much
one knows,
Like a frog wich grows
in a puddle,
Knowing not ocean so
ever vast,
Become befuddled
by its small world

and many more here

Wish everyone enjoy these poems:-)
Sawaddee krub
PS. Today is my Birthday…Jeep is 23 years old now:-)
Choke Dee Krub

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