The Belief of Red Rope

Going to visit sick people both at their places or at the hospitals is something depressing although the ones who you are visiting is getting better and better but still, you have to walk pass a lot of other tortured people..

Also, going to a funeral is something unpleasant at all.

Months ago, I heard that one of my mother’s closest friends had a cancer ~ Well, she was married to one guy but never had a kid so she liked hanging out with my mum and some more friends who have kids. Right, I used to go out with them and we had a lot of fun 🙂

Since I got to study here at Triam Udom Suksa, I’ve been busy, drowned in the sea of homework and activities so I sort of stopped meeting her and going out with her for quite a big while but when I knew that she’s got cancer, I felt guilty (Because I always denied when her husband called to ask when I’m free so we all could go tour somewhere).. so I went to buy paper and color.. and drew a picture of flowers ~ as a gift and an apology to her.

One afternoon,
“Hey! Bow! Quickly.. The club already started,” shouted Phung one day.
“Alright~ Just a second ok!?”
*Ring Ring!!*
“What?! You’re kidding’t lie ~ do not ever!”
It was my mum. Her friend was already dead T^T.. I could tell from her voice that she was crying loads.

I skipped club activity that day then and quickly went to the temple in order to see her for the last time before she would be put in a coffin. I arrived just in time and could watered her hand … I was shaking ..shedding tears ..couldn’t believe it.. Lots of words come in my head “I shouldn’t refuse her invitations” “I should have visited her more often when I had time.”

There were so many “I should have” and “I shouldn’t have” appearing in my head and my mind ..

At night, I was still there at the funeral for some prays ~ During that, somebody walked to me and my mum and handed us “the red ropes”. My mum grabbed it right away but I didn’t know what it was.. I was scared.. I assumed so many things about it .. I even thought it was some of her clothes’ thread ~ I denied.. then my mum stared at me and said ‘take it’.

I did and tied it around my left wrist and still wondered about it till I got home.. When I reached my home, my mum told me to keep it with something I respect so I tied it around my students’ committees’ emblem.. And mum said no more word about it.

Recently, I took a test to go to Korea to joy Asia-Pacific Youth Rally program. I was underaged so I was unqualified but I still tried and .. I got it..somehow 🙂

When I told my mum one night about it, my mum finally told me, “Last year, remember when you went to Singapore and Japan? It was after my friend’s mum funeral and I got the red rope from there..”

“Once again, you can acheive your very own dream, the dream to go abroad.. it’s after going to the funeral and getting the red rope.. so tonight, do pray to thank my mum’s friend”

Ah… Now I get it.

The red rope is the sign for goodluck, it’s actually not what Thai people believe but The Chinese instead but because most of Thai people have Chinese blood (since old times) so we do believe it, too.. and really, it’s the rope full of luck ..

Tonight, am leaving for Korea to joy the program ..wish me luck people. Although you don’t :p I know the rope will still protect me ~ because it’s a goodluck rope 🙂

P.S. I’ve got a picture of what I drew but I’ll edit later ^V^!!

15 responses to “The Belief of Red Rope

  1. Hey have a great time over there! This’ the third time you can go abroad, sooo cool..!!!

    I know you’ve got the good luck red rope (it really does seem true), but be careful and take care of yourself ok? ^^

    I’ll miss you loads. Have fun and tell us all about it when you come back~! Talk to you in one week na!

    *Chok dee na khrab!

  2. hey~ have a great day there okay? ^^v
    meet BoA.
    oh ya oh ya! i want her “Girls On Top” cd.
    they don’t sell it in SG.. =(

  3. A good friend of mine died recently, maybe someone here could describe what Thai funeral rites are.

    What is the ‘100 days’ ceremony for instance?

  4. I know this one! A hundred days after the funeral, the female children cover their heads with a black shawl and the grandchildren wear a black band or patch on their shoulders. I think the right shoulder for the grandmother and the left for grandfather. They do this until the first anniversary of the death.

  5. How about a blog entry on Thai funerals?

    I am genuinely interested in this. Life rites are important when learning about a culture.

  6. Christopher Ngoi

    hEy sad to hear there’s so many should’ve and shouldn’t have appearing in your mind that day anyway good thing you have the good luck rope pii sao =)

  7. Yongding Park

    what’s up? 안녕? Bow? How are U?
    my first Thailand friend!
    comment 다음에 또남길꼐!
    빠이 cuttie!

  8. Yongding Park

    byebye so sad!!!
    you are gonna leave me!!

  9. Yongding Park is a person who makes Bow angry!!

    hu!I just came back home!
    I am not sure whether you are gonna read this!
    Because you hate me so much, I think you may ignore this, saying ” Yong Ding? who the heck is he?” On the contrary, if you read this, you may also think that I assume things by myself. or not ㅠㅠ
    I am still regretting that I did not speak from my heart during the camp. Anyways, I hope that you have a good time in Korea and keep the memory that we ( group 2) shared forever. *sigh* You will be mad at me forever because I did not show up at the airport. That’s fine. At least, my mind was with you at the airport .ㅠㅠ You don’t know how much I am happy these days because of you. Especially, when I reread the MSN conversation between you and me and look at pictures that we taken.
    I hope you arrive at home safely and think about me sometimes ( once a year or once a decade)! like when you learn about Korean history.( lol )
    your boyfriend is so lucky!ㅠㅠ whatever.
    see ya! from Yong Ding Dong!

  10. Yongding Park is a person who likes Bow so much!!

    OMG! I’ve gone crazy!
    so sad you are no here!
    미치겠어 자꾸생각나!ㅠㅠ

  11. Yongding Park is a person who likes Bow so much!!

    I just read what you told me when I was not in home. You really wanted me to send you off but I couldn’t do so. can we meet later? maybe you don’t want to do! right!

  12. Yongding Park is a person who likes Bow so much!!

    I guess airplane is going to land soon! like in 10minutes! 8:23!!have fun!

  13. * Yingding ‘dong’ – Bow already has a bf, so maybe you should at least send these messages to her privately so I don’t have to read them. I don’t want to tell you to stay away from her, but i do know you’ve got feelings for her. I’m not that jealous, because I know she loves me – maybe you should realise this – she’s your friend, do you really like her that much? I really can understand why, believe me. If you’ve got feelings for her in your heart, do you think she’s got them for you? If not, then maybe you should be her friend like she would want you to be.. ~ ~” on the contrary, do you know how your messages make me feel?….. I don’t want to be your enemy or anything like that, but I have to tell you to please ‘back off’..

    * I’m sorry bow, for writing something like this.. del my comment if you like.. u can talk or like yongding as much as u like – that’s just what i feel.. sorry anyway~

  14. Hi…BOW^^
    This is first time I meet you at Korea and also first time I have a good friend as you ^*^
    I may thinking of you in anylonger…..
    you know,the seaweed I bought from supermarket was really delicious !! wanna give you try it one^^ ;
    Well,I don’t know when will we meet again…but I’m study at Chula,so you can feel free to call me if you come to Siam Center or SiamDiscovery and noone shopping with you^^ ha!ha! I’d love window shoppin’ so much!!
    See ya!
    Miss you so much^^
    F-O-R-G-E-T M-E N-O-T…OK?

  15. Knock!Knock!… Lazy girl !?
    Didn’t you up your weblog? ;-p
    better to c u on sunday^^~