Thai School Snackshop

Someone recently sent me an e-mail saying how much they liked seeing my Thai Food Blogs. They said it was whetting their appetite for coming to Thailand. However, they were interested to see what kind of food we served at school. They wanted to know if they would enjoy the food if they were a Thai student. The answer to that is probably “yes”. I certainly would have liked these meals instead of the food we were served at school when I was a kid. What I will do today, is first give you a sampling of snackshop food. Then, over the coming week, I will take pictures each day of the lunchtime meal.

The first one here on the left is spaghetti with a meat (ham) sauce. Well, that is what they said, but the spaghetti looked suspiciously like the Thai noodles called mee-grob. This is a crsipy noodle, which I like to eat with “rat-na”. On the right is another of my favourites, quail eggs. They sell four of these eggs for 5 baht. In fact, all of the food on this page is sold in the school snack shop for 5 baht a dish.

Of course I like to eat bread, but the one on the left is a bit too sweet for me. The thick bread is toasted with a generous spreading of butter. This is then dipped into a bowl of sugar! On the right is basically dry noodles but everyone calls it by its brandname of “mama”.

The final two pictures are a good example of how much Thai children like fried food. On the left you have a variety of different meats deep fried on a stick. For example, fish, pork, crab and chicken. On the right you can see our version of KFC at a fraction of the price!

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