Skin Deep

“Beauty and the Bleach” headlines a section of today’s Los Angeles Times. It’s about how women in the Asian community are shielding themselves from the sun, and seeking refuge in cosmetic procedures to appear “whiter”.

Just another visit at the topic of skin color from Richard’s previous entry “A Black Face”.

Dark isn’t cool in Thailand. And it’s not because the influence of the Western culture. You’ll read in the article here at they mentioned a Western ideal of beauty is to blame for Asian whitening craze. It’s not. It really has been based in the Asian culture. The light skin means you’re not toiling in the sun and therefore of higher class.

Yep. White = high society = beautiful. It comes down to that.

White schmite! I’m going with the color my karma dictated which goes from what L’Oreal makeup counter calls “Honey Beige” to a little lighter than cafe mocha.

Everyone is beautiful in whatever color they’re in.

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