Me and my Buddhism Class!!

As a philosophy major student,besides western philosophy,I have to take classes on religion especially buddhism and I absolutely enjoy learning. Growing up in a buddhist country but honestly know very little about the fact of this religion. It’s funny sometimes that Thailand as a buddhist country,very few people have been read the Buddhist Scriptures ( prá dtrai-bpì-dòk ).

I am so excited about my Mahayana Bhuddism Class. I’ve been wondered what the differences between the Theravada Buddism and Mahayana Buddhism as we all knows Thailand have been known as a land of Theravada Buddhism.

Since I have been studied about Mahayana Buddhism for a month and a half now. I found out that the essence of both is the same thing but the differences just came from difference opinion on the death of the Buddha which have been shown in the buddhist scriptures.

I am so sorry but I have to go to bed now.So ,I’ll continue about it tomorrow and it will be Mahayana Class. So I think I’ll ask my professor for more information and I’ll explain more about what the differences of Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism:-)

Sawaddee Krub

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