Thai Sausages – Sai Krok

Probably one of the most popular food sold by the mobile street vendors is the Thai sausage – sai krok ไส้กรอก . It looks a bit like our Western version, but don’t be fooled. It has its own distinctive taste which you should be prepared for. You can buy either beef or pork sausages which would be sai krok nua and sai krok moo respectively. Other ingredients include glutinous rice, minced ginger, pepper and salt. This is then grilled over a charcoal fire. The vendor will also make up a small bag of vegetables as a side dish. This includes: slivers of fresh ginger, wedges of cabbage and green chilis.

8 responses to “Thai Sausages – Sai Krok

  1. Personally, I like Thai sausage better than the American ones. It has more add-in taste. The American sausage tends to be very salty for some reason. This also appy the same thing to a American hot dogs. Thai hot dogs tends to have mild taste.

  2. Love blog entries on Thai food, yum. I’ve still to taste many things.

  3. Never tried sai krok, as I was told they were packed with chilli and thus very hot -do they vary from region to region in Thailand?

  4. What exactly is the distinct taste that they have? Sour, sweet, spicy, bitter, gingery???????
    The ingredients do not hint to what it might be except fot the latter.
    Thanks for another nice blog on food.

  5. This is one sausage that I do not really like. It has those sour taste.. which gives me goose bump.

  6. Sai Ua
    food of the gods. Have you ever had it? It is so good. I will tell you…I cannot wake up in the morning, when staying in Bahn Bon Chang, until I have had a big chunk of sai ua that has been roasted over a red-hot burning coconut husk. Oiy Vey!–as they say in Israel— the Thais know how to make sausage.
    On another note…about that sour stuff—I love that naam kow stuff. Whenever I’m walking along Silom or Sukhumvit, if I see that stuff.. watch out..and it better be hot..or daddy’s taking it back!

  7. Yummy! Thai Sausage is definitely one of my favorite street foods, especially the ones they mold into little balls. You have to eat them with fresh ginger to save your stomach from aching later!

  8. Sai krok Issan from NE. Sour taste from fermented rice and pork like Nam before grilled.(More rice and less pork than Nam and no Chilli like Nam).
    Sai Ua from North. Made from pork and spices. No sour taste or too hot.