What type of Thai girls do farangs like?

Hello all,

Don’t get me wrong.

I didn’t mean to post this blog for that purpose. I just wonder what your type is. I mean I have always wondered why most of Thai guys prefer Chinese/Japanese-looking or half Farang-Thai girls, why not typical Thai girls. Why do Thai girls prefer dark, tall and handsome guys or Farangs? Is it a trend or something? I’d like to hear the aspect of foreigners and also Thais.

In my Northeastern cities such as Buriram and Khon Kaen, I always see Farangs with Isaan ladies who look,to be very frank, less pretty than average. Most of them are short and tanned to dark. Well, I know the sayings “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” or/and “beautiful is only skin deep’ but why most Farangs prefer this type of girls? Is it also a trend?

a Farang Thai couple

In my university, there is a British teacher whose girlfriend is a typical Isaan Thai girl. Once in a class, my fellow students and a Thai professor talked about him and his girlfriend just for fun and she said Farangs had a low taste of women. Hahaha… We all burst out laughing. Just for fun but I deeply agreed with her.:P

I’m sorry if I’ve offended someone. I’m just curious what your type is!

Read some fun forums from Farangs here http://www.mangosauce.com

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  1. djcrystal,

    What a very interesting blog you posted. This is also something very difficult to respond to, but I think you might get a lot of comments nonetheless. 🙂
    I think you pretty much answered your own query when you said “beauty is in the eye(s) of the beholder”, but may have missed the mark slightly when you wrote, “beauty is only skin deep.”
    You are dead-on right wtih the “beholder” comment. Different people have different tastes. One man’s dream girl is another man’s…”only after a six-pack” to use crude terminology (but distinctly male, nonetheless).
    I, speaking as a Farang man, who has dated the gamut of women, from Thai to Chinese, white and colors-in-between, can only say, from my point of view, that what is attractive is very, very subjective. I have often found myself very drawn to a dark Issan girl that might not be the ideal definition of “Thai beauty”. Then I can turn around and see a pale and slender Bangkok girl and think, “WOW!”. And it just isn’t Asian women. Oh boy, this is tough, dj crystal. Not only are you trying to understand a different sex, but the Farang sex at that!
    Maybe men, in the most common sense, are the same across the board; but it is very complicated. I think you will get several comments that differ greatly, but I think all of them will be right. How’s that for an answer? I hope I haven’t confused you more. 😉

  2. I certainly hope you don’t get too many ideas about Farang/Isaan relationships from mangosauce.com.

    A lot of bargirl stories there written by Farangs without the faintest idea to what a decent Thai girl.

    Ive written a lot on the Thai/Farang relationship. Sure, Thais like yourself may think that Farang guys have a l’ow taste of women’ but you have to be very careful with that kind of generalization.

    There are quite a lot of Farang regulars here with Isaan wives and it seems that they are very nice ladies.

  3. EJ,

    Sorry. I thought both sayings had smilar meanings. They are not?

    I see some Farangs date pale and slender downtown girls like you said but most of them date uptown Isaan girls, don’t they? So I wonder why. What do they think about those girls? Maybe Farangs are more attracted to typical Isaan girls than normal Asian ones (Chinese-Thai).

    There is an observation: Do Farangs compete to date or marry Isaan ladies for some purposes? For example, the darker and uglier a Farang’s Isaan wife/girlfriend is, the better and wealthier that Farang is. So, the Farang can show off to their friends how cool he is. When he receives compliments, he feels proud.

    I hope it is just my observation, not real!

  4. What you said there is ‘yes, that’s exactly what a lot of Thais think’

    I like to promote insight and understanding just like i always advise naive Farangs that not all Thai girls are just after your money. A lot of Farang guys think this way just cause of experience in the bars and listening to stories from other ex-pats. My most read blog til this day is ‘dos and donts of dating a proper Thai lady’. Sure, this blog is in complete contrast to a lot of the advice you hear from Farangs who spend their lives in a bar along Sukhumvit Road.

    Yes, a lot of Farang guys prefer the darker Isarn look and think that pale Thai-Chinese are unattractive. So, who can say that ‘they are ugly’? They may only be ‘ugly’ in the eyes of a Bangkokian but not the rest of the world.

    I’d also like to promote more Thai understanding of the Farang.

    You got to give a lot of Farang the chance. In Isarn, once a women has been married had a couple of children and then been divorced she is unwanted and has nothing left to do in life. That’s pretty unfair. But gladly there are a few decent Farang that have married girls like this and gave them a prosperous future and for her kids too.

    Sure, there a lot of cheats out there in Isarn that are only after the Farang guys money. But there are also a lot of nice girls who love their husbands sincerely.

    Both Thais and Farangs must be very careful with generalization.

  5. Steve,

    Thanks for your warning. I’ve never said Isaan girls are not good. Perhaps, I raised an example of Thai women in the wrong type. What I meant is general less-pretty Asian girls. Sorry if I have raised too specific examples of Thai women.

    These may give you pictures of what pretty and less-pretty women I mean.

    Pretty: http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/multimedia/pictures/asia/thai/gif/thai-girl.gif

    Less pretty: http://www.jacekphoto.com/thailand/thai_girl05.jpg

  6. Mangosauce.com? Why don’t you go on an undercover strip-dancing mission in Patpong and report your findings? You’ll find the same cross-section there!

    “For example, the darker and uglier a Farang’s Isaan wife/girlfriend is, the better and wealthier that Farang is. So, the Farang can show off to their friends how cool he is. When he receives compliments, he feels proud.”

    WOW! What region of the moon do you hail from? Were your ancestors around when the Americans landed in the 60s? Is the flag still there?

    I find it sad that you and your UNIVERSITY professor had nothing better to do than sit around and talk behind your Brit professor’s back about his Isaan wife. (Nowhere but in Asia would the following comparison hold) Suppose you gain 70 pounds by the time you get married and you learn that some of your husband’s colleagues were sitting around wondering “What, just what, does he see in the pig?” Would you find that so deep down hilarious and true too?

    Personally I find girls who are shallow, crass and wrapped up entirely in mass market conceptions of beauty intolerable, but that’s just me!

  7. I find it plain weird that the Asian sense of beauty is so different from the Western/Farang perception.

    As an Asian , I would say that my concept of beauty are the Thai-Chinese of Bangkok — fair skin!

    But, all in all, beauty is only skin deep!

  8. Isaan = pooriest part of the contrie = most of the bargirls from there = a lot of farang meet isaan girls.

    or not ??

  9. Well as soon as i saw this post heading I figures there would be a lot of comments and now I’ll throw my hat in the ring.

    To start, when my ex-wife (a paler than white Korean woman) asked me what kind of women my friend, a renowned bachlor and womanizer. liked the response was very simple. “Any woman that will sleep with me”! I think most men, at least my crowd, can abide by that statement.

    Speaking only for myself, every one is different with different tastes, I find Asian women to be the most beautiful in the world, dark skinned or light.
    My preferance is toward darker skin, but that applys to myself as well as women. Jewelry, clothes, etc just go better with a little bit of color. Gold looks like do, do on me but dynamite on someone with some complextion.

    As far as falling in love with and having an Issan finacee, having a dark complexion was just more of a bonus than a requirement. What attracted me was the quality of her character, the love I saw between her and her family members, her wicked sense of humor and her willingness and ability, despite our language and cultural barriers, to talk about very personal subjects with alot of frankness and honesty.

    It’s what is inside that counts the most. We all will age, lose our looks and die, but a good heart is always beautiful and maybe that is what men have found in their wife that others may find less attractive.

  10. Mark,

    The Brit I mentioned is just a teacher, not yet a professor. I don’t even know if he really graduated from Oxford or it’s just a pack of his lies. Back to my university, this Brit kept exaggerating his gf was beautiful like this like that. We, students and even our professors, wanted to puke right then and there. We didn’t talk behind his back. We just deeply felt disgusted by that Brit and once one talked about his exaggeration, we accidentally talked about his ‘beautiful’ gf.

    Does my university deserve such this Farang to be our teacher?

    I said the example was my observation. OBSERVATION IS NOT FACT!!!

    Sorry for the website. I used to read it ages ago and I picked to read only reasonable possible stories happened in Thailand.

  11. Thank you very much for your opinion, Mark.

    All I want to hear is the opinions on the topic from you guys. Never want such an idiot to tell me off! But if I’ve offended any one of you, I apologize.

    Now my doubt in Farang guys’ type is clearer than before. Thank you, Mark.

  12. djcrystal,

    I have changed the permission on this blog so it is now “protected” instead of “published”. This means that only logged in members can see it now.

    I have three comments for you (not too serious so please don’t worry):

    (1) This is a blog and not a discussion forum. In blogs you should give opinions or write straight accounts about your experiences. Then visitors come and comment on your blog. I think the style of this blog is more suitable to the forums where people can take part in discussions. There is no reason why you cannot start a discussion like this on the forum and then write a conclusion yourself in your blog here.

    (2) I know it wasn’t intentional, but your subject is borderline and risky. From experience, we are very nervous of subjects like this because the comments soon head towards bar girls and then just plain sex. Once you reach there then you get nothing but arguments. So, we would prefer to steer clear of this subject if we can. Obviously it is not always easy but please do your best.

    (3) I am afraid you cannot link to mangosauce.com as it is a sex web site promoting the seedier side of Bangkok nightlife. The intention of our blogs is to promote Thai culture and the Thai way of life to the world. Thailand already has a bad reputation and we don’t need to add to it by promoting the sex industry.

    We decided at the start to make this a family friendly web site. I know you were unaware of what you were doing in this case as you were just wondering aloud why farang like isaan women. But, it is a touchy subject.

    Please don’t think I am telling you off in any way. We are happy to have you here blogging. This note is much for everyone else as it is for you. It is our fault as well as we haven’t been clear with our guidelines. This is something I will be working on now.

  13. Crystal,

    Your topic is definitely a good one to start a long and varied discussion and probably best posted in the forums like Richard said. But this kind of topic interests me also like you and there are several themes you’ve mentioned that I would gladly address in a future blog too (^.^)

    Looking forward to more of your posts na ja.

  14. Thank you so much for your understanding and your useful note. I was, still am, unintentionally a fool to have posted such a touchy subject like that.

    You may find it a lame excuse but I’m really new to this kind of stuff. I admit I don’t know the difference between blogs and forums or such things. I thought I would get good reasons according to the subject as I realize most of Farangs/foreigners who post and blog here sound nice. But the blog turned out to be a two-edged sword.

    Thank you for keeping this blog protected. I understand if you will even delete it.

  15. Hi Jen & Crystal:

    I started a couple of topic starters over there on the forums of our sister site to the likes of: The Million Dollar Question ‘Do Farang only like dark-skinned Thai girls? and ‘Dos & donts proper Thai girl’.

    Got a lot of comments on these issues that you’re interested in.

    If yould like to find out what Farang think then check out the Forums, got something like 200 comments.

    Btw; as a new blogger, pls be careful with any kind of descrimitory or rather rude language.

    You have obviously studied in the UK or had private tuiton with an English English Teacher for a long time. But, some of the language that we have heard here is all right for chatting to a friend but not for written purposes. Rather too strong.

    Your comments here read pretty ‘anti-farang’.

  16. Hi.

    Perhaps I am entering into a discussion and so should be in the forum section, but I think the topic is an interesting one for many people.

    I can talk about myself and make some assumptions that other farang may be similar.

    Thai women from all over the country are beautiful. From South, Central, North and Isaan. Actually many women from all around the world are beautiful.

    Dark skin vs light skin. To me it is not important. Smiling is most important and happy eyes and politeness and consideration. These are aspects often found in Thai people. Someone lacking in greed, someone who loves kids, someone who is a friend. These things are important.

    I am engaged to a lady from Isaan also. Why? I didn’t choose her because she was from Isaan, I didn’t even know. And in fact she is not the most gorgeous girl I could have choosen. But she is caring and happy and for some reason she wants to be my wife. So is my best friend and we have a good understanding together. So these things are important.

    Why do farangs go out with girls from Isaan? I don’t know.

    Hmmm, maybe it is because it is the girls from Isaan that we meet. Often the girls from Isaan are working in restaurants or as shop keepers or hotel receptionists. They have come to Bangkok and got a job, any one they could and they are the first lady with rural Thai values and politeness that a farang meets and has a chance to talk to and know. Many Bangkok ladies and Northern ladies and Southern ladies are also very polite and charming, but perhaps they are just less likely to be in a position to meet a Western man and get to know him.

    Does that answer your question?


  17. Its a pretty easy question to answer .. the typical thai / bangkok notion of what is attractive is WAY off .. for some reason they seem to like ugly pale skinny girls … its only the sophisticated , worldly and wealthy falung that know the true beauty of a well built isaan girl .. given the Thai tendency to adopt some western trends , it might not be too long untill they realise the error in the way of thinking . mind you though , in a battle to see who can be the mist falung , the falung will always win ..

  18. Annika Åkerlund-Wheble

    I’m sure it’s optional, but for myself, I was adopted from BKK by Swedish parents so raised and bread in Sweden and I’m married to an Englishman. Obviously, as having been brought up in Sweden I’d go for what I’m used to the European men or farangs as it were.
    Though I’m myself born in Bangkok, a lot of Thai-ppl I meet think my birth-parents were from Chiang Mai or Thai/Chinese or both, so all in all, I’m fair skinned, as fair skinned as my adopted second-cousin from South Korea and lighter than my cousin’s son who was adopted from Peking in China.
    People, think my luk kreung (by ethnics)daughter looks more white as it were and we only speak English and Swedish since I don’t speak Thai.

  19. I have a Bangkok, pale, nice looking but not so beautiful of a lady compared to some of the real pretty ones in Thailand. I like her why? because she makes me laugh and cares for me. I dont think that quality is of a low taste in women.

  20. A westernized Thai

    I am a Thai who has been educated overseas. My group of friends are either Thais who went to international schools or Thais who grew up overseas.

    I’ve dated several American-born Thais when I lived in Thailand and now I’m in Australia, im dating an Australian.

    To be honest, if I were to live in Thailand, I would prefer dating an English-speaking Thai to a white guy, because we would have a better mutual understanding, as in he would understand a Thai’s perspective better than a white guy does. Examples are simple things like what you discuss here, Thai’s perception of beauty. No matter how hard you try to explain to the white guys that dark skin is ugly, there is no way they will understand. Just like how thai girls wouldn’t understand why a Thai girl would sunbath to get darker because it’s not beautiful.

    I am half Thai half Chinese and I don’t like going into the sun as much when my Aussie friends do. They seriously don’t understand that and it’s a little embarrassing.

    And if I ever try to explain to any white guys about the concept of Issan girls and that we have unspoken class distinction in Thailand and those girls are from lower class background, there is no way they will ever understand why Thais are so racist, as in having class distinction and discriminate people who look different. It just makes Thai people sound like they have a bad attitude because they won’t ever accept people from Issan background into their society.

    But anyway, that’s how it is.

  21. A westernized Thai

    I just think western people think pale skinned doll-face girls are cute, but not sexy. The tann skinned ones are sexy… And they don’t care about the nose whether it’s flat or boney. They don’t perceive jawlines or cheek bones in the way that Thais do either. And they certainly prefer fashion elegant (sexy) clothes , to something that Korean girls wear with those fluffy kiddy jewelry that thai girls like nowadays.. Hello kitty and all thing pink.

    Maybe this is why white guys don’t find most cute thai girls that thai people find attractive attractive…. There are heaps of these girls here in Aus who wear fluffy boots and use an LV, wear thick eye lashes, very girly Korean styled clothes, and have pale skin… I’ve tried to explain to my boyfriend a few times that thai people prefer that kinda look to the tan skinned one, he just think they are plain pale and look like dolls lol.

    I have an olive skin which I’m happy with cuz I don’t wanna get darker or lighter lol somewhere in between.

  22. hi westernized thai , yes you do make thais sound extremely racists and classist , i think Australians understand this concept given our heritage , its just that we find it disgusting .. there are still plenty of people in australia that do not find asian girls of any persuasion to be attractive and would most definitely think of them as lower class ( and even worse i might add ) Most educated Australians find this kind of thought process demonstrated by our fellow country men to be disgracefull .. obviously this is not just an Australian issue but happens all over the world , the only thing that I ( we ) can do is change our own behavior and treat all people with respect and dignity until such time as we are proven other wise .. there is a reason why australia is called the lucky country ,, our non classist attitude ( even though it essentially comes from our socialists back ground ) is one of them .. how many countries in the world can you go to a dinner party where there is a plumber , doctor , professor and mechanic all at the one table and getting along ? like i said , its part of what makes it a great place to live

  23. The whole class thing in relation to skin colour used to be the same in “farang” countries (albeit a loooong time ago).
    The reason? exactly the same as in thailand!
    once upon a time, those who worked in farms would be dark skinned and well built, and viewed as “lo so” in farang countries.
    nowadays people spend thier life indoors anyway, every one is pale by default!
    Those who are dark skinned are the ones who travel abroad alot, or live abroad,or have plenty of time to lie in the sun (and develope a melanoma) which is a sign of wealth.
    Like most things i recon it comes down to money and peoples perception of wealth, (consiquentially why you see pretty thai girls with fat ugly old foreigners)

    one thing i dont understand is the super skinny thing, seems to be attractive the world over, just looks like malnourishment to me…

  24. The farang going to Thailand is not the one choosing. He does not understand a thing about thai society when getting there. He gets chosen…by a prostitute…working in a bar. The only available women are those that offer themselves willingly to the Farang, and these are Isarn girls. Why? Well, a few years after their Isarn boy has made them pregnant (when they are around 18), they are left behind by him. Only prostitution can then bring in the money needed to care for the newborn kids (left with the parens) and the parents of the woman taking care of them. But there is a happy ending in sight for these prostitutes from isarn, that is that at some point they might terminate their prostitution career with the marriage of a farang, and make a switch back to a “normal”, that will ensure the building of a house for the parents, education for the kids around, paying off all kinds of debts. Farang are the sort most blind to details in Thai culture (chinese, taiwanese, japanese and other asians understand Thai culture a lot better), and the most naive, thinking that in some way it is normal in Thai culture that a 65 year old farang dates a 25 year old girl.
    Most Bangkok up-class girls would surely talk to a farang if it was their teacher at University, but would never go out to dinner with him alone, simply because of the looks of other Thais saying “Wow…she does not look Isarn, but must be, since she is dating a farang”.

    Nice topic by the way.