What type of Thai girls do farangs like?

Hello all,

Don’t get me wrong.

I didn’t mean to post this blog for that purpose. I just wonder what your type is. I mean I have always wondered why most of Thai guys prefer Chinese/Japanese-looking or half Farang-Thai girls, why not typical Thai girls. Why do Thai girls prefer dark, tall and handsome guys or Farangs? Is it a trend or something? I’d like to hear the aspect of foreigners and also Thais.

In my Northeastern cities such as Buriram and Khon Kaen, I always see Farangs with Isaan ladies who look,to be very frank, less pretty than average. Most of them are short and tanned to dark. Well, I know the sayings “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” or/and “beautiful is only skin deep’ but why most Farangs prefer this type of girls? Is it also a trend?

a Farang Thai couple

In my university, there is a British teacher whose girlfriend is a typical Isaan Thai girl. Once in a class, my fellow students and a Thai professor talked about him and his girlfriend just for fun and she said Farangs had a low taste of women. Hahaha… We all burst out laughing. Just for fun but I deeply agreed with her.:P

I’m sorry if I’ve offended someone. I’m just curious what your type is!

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