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Procession Around the Temple

During July there are two important Buddhist holidays. First, tomorrow, it is Asaha Bucha Day. “Asaha” means the eighth lunar month and Asaha Bucha means the ceremony in the eighth lunar month. On the full moon day of the eighth lunar month, the Lord Buddha gave his first sermon and one of his followers became the first Buddhist monk.

The following day is known as Khao Phansa which literally translates as “the day of entering Lent”. The Thai authorities call this three month period “Buddhist Lent” because many lay people choose to be strict about keeping the precepts and even refrain from eating meat. Monks are not allowed to leave their temple during this period which coincides with the rainy season. They are not even allowed to disrobe until it finishes in October.

As the next two days are public holidays, our school, and most schools around the country, took part in colourful parades to their local temples. They took with them a 1-2 metre high Lent candle which the monks will keep alight for the full three months. On reaching the temple, the students took part in a procession around the main building (bot) three times in a clockwise direction. In Thai this is called wien tien. They then went inside where they presented the candle to the monks as well as food, essentials and donations for the upkeep of the temple. They then took part in chanting and finished by listening to a sermon.

If you are in Thailand at the moment, then I would suggest you visit your local temple on Thursday where you will be able to experience many special actitivies. Two big events can be seen at the Tak Bat Dok Mai Festival in Saraburi and the Candle Festival in Ubon Ratchathani. More about these events later.

What type of Thai girls do farangs like?

Hello all,

Don’t get me wrong.

I didn’t mean to post this blog for that purpose. I just wonder what your type is. I mean I have always wondered why most of Thai guys prefer Chinese/Japanese-looking or half Farang-Thai girls, why not typical Thai girls. Why do Thai girls prefer dark, tall and handsome guys or Farangs? Is it a trend or something? I’d like to hear the aspect of foreigners and also Thais.

In my Northeastern cities such as Buriram and Khon Kaen, I always see Farangs with Isaan ladies who look,to be very frank, less pretty than average. Most of them are short and tanned to dark. Well, I know the sayings “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” or/and “beautiful is only skin deep’ but why most Farangs prefer this type of girls? Is it also a trend?

a Farang Thai couple

In my university, there is a British teacher whose girlfriend is a typical Isaan Thai girl. Once in a class, my fellow students and a Thai professor talked about him and his girlfriend just for fun and she said Farangs had a low taste of women. Hahaha… We all burst out laughing. Just for fun but I deeply agreed with her.:P

I’m sorry if I’ve offended someone. I’m just curious what your type is!

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