My dull Sunday in different sights (3/end)

a sunset in Paknam
A spectacular sunset in Paknam

From a well-known shopping mall located in Bang Krapi, I took a shuttle van heading back home. Watching through the window of the van, I still saw nothing pleasant for my eyes. I tried to look outside the van because I didn’t want to see a couple playing sweeting nothing. They would drive me mad!

I didn’t feel like getting home by then. 6:30 PM was too early for me. My day should have ended that soon. The van was about to pull up to drop me in. I thought to myself if I went further to Paknam, I didn’t have to pay more fare. I changed my mind to explore Paknam for the first time. I got there around 7 PM. Walking on the sideways, I saw a glimpse of a spectacular sunset in the edge of the sky behind the buildings a long the street. I wandered around seeking a way to go to a bank of a river. It was the Chao Praya River, though. This was my first time to see a mouth of the river with a sunset. What a beautiful sight!

While enjoying taking some beautiful pictures of the sunset, I heard little voices around there. I looked around to see where the voice came from and my eyes caught with two little girls singing in their ways. Once they noticed me, they walked to my way and asked if I was a journalist. I wish I were. Being a journalist is one of my dream careers. One of the girls called me ‘น้า’ or Aunt. I was shocked right when I heard it. I couldn’t believe I was that old but I had to accept the truth.:P I forgot how old I was. I felt like I was still 18 then.

Having a few words with the girls, I came to knowing that they were from the South. I tried to speak Southern dialect with them as though they and I were from the same area in order to make a closer friendship. It worked! They were way too friendly and talkative, teasing me that I was their brother’s girlfriend. lol I couldn’t accept their kindness. I’m afraid I’m going to have someone for that position soon.

Nan and Sai Rung

The two little girls asked me to photograph them before I left. I managed to put them standing on the right way, told them how to smile like this like that as if I was a professional photographer.:P Actually, I’ve just got my first digicam for 2 weeks.

It was time for me to go back home. It was a pity. I should have come to Paknam instead of wasting my hours in the shopping mall. I said goodbye to the lovely little girls and walked away. I headed to the main street with my half open eyes because I was dead beat of walking all day.

“My Sunday is not that bad but…,” I talked to myself wearily.

Before I could end my sentence, I paused and burst out, “WHERE CAN I GET HOME?!? I don’t live in this area and this is my first time in Paknam!?!”

“HELP! HELP!” This time I said to myself. 😐

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