My dull Sunday in different sights (2)

I’m back! So what are we up to now? Okay, let’s go back to my dull Sunday.

That afternoon I decided to go to Seacond Square. Even though it is not so far from where I live, it took me about an hour to get there on that dull Sunday. There was nothing interesting. Everything was so boring to me. I watched couples walking by and they even made me feel blue because I was walking alone. Nobody loves me? My mom loves me! Mom and Dad ought to be the ones good children think of.

I thought to myself, “I’d better give my love and care to the right person who never hurts me, who never makes me cry.”

Trying to comfort myself by thinking about my loved folks, I looked for a way out of this place which was full of brainless teenage couples (just a comfort for a single young girl like me…lol). I found a gate linked with a shop called “Just 25.” Everything is 25 baht! How could I just pass it by? I didn’t hesitate to go for a look inside the shop. Just 25 baht…

I walked inside, smiling to all shopkeepers as if I would buy all their goods and I thought to myself, “Okay, my budget is 50 baht.” And I kept smiling to everyone in the shop, hiding my blue Sunday inside (from dull to blue now).

“Mom, Mom, Mom…,” I muttered softly to myself. Walking around the shop for a while, I found something white catching my eyes. Something like a small bunch of white flowers. They were artificial jasmines! Suddently, I repeated the words “Jasmine-Mother-Jasmine-Mother-Jasmine-Mother” again and again. And “Mother’s day” finally slipped off from my lips. This is going to be a good opportunity to impress my mom. It’s been years I have never shown my affection to her even after finishing my university and spending some time with her. Then I decided to get her a lovely gift with the lovely words “I love you, Mom.” on it.

I got one thing for my mom, then another ought to be for myself. 😀 I found a wooden photo frame which could put on 2 small pictures. I picked it with a thought that I would put one picture of mine and one of someone special on the frame. Perfect!

Holding these 2 things carefully after critically choosing the best ones, I walked to the counter to pay for them. I handed out a 100-baht bank note to a cashier and walked out of the shop happily with my gifts.

“Khun, Khun…50 baht kha! Your change,” shouted the cashier behind me.

I picked up the change embarrasingly with a shy smile and hurriedly walked away from that area as fast as possible. My head went blank. It was not only my dull and blue Sunday, but it was also my bad hair day.

A shopping mall with brainless teenage couples

Just 25
Everything is 25 baht

For my Mom with love
For my loving Mom

To be continued…

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